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·~6 ofthedeteJtfalm[Jeandguile ofMans heart; Inthinkin~ it mit OHtward iniquit-1 though the heart he averJ dunghi/, it c~ge felf very good ofall unclum lufls, it think,tth it felfvtrJ good. Herein the Pha.o if it commit rifees did conHantly delude tlJemfdves, none could charge ~~t o~t.ward_ them with fuch grolfe fins as Publicans did commit: Hence it Imqutttes, h S . d'd {i f b'd h I k . d thcuuh wirF.in was {. at our , avtOur 1 o o ren 1 t ~m oc mwar , it be!)never fo Clt~anfe rhine infides, Within they 'U'ere ravening 'Wolvu,' with– unclean. in they were rotten [tpulchres, howfoever painted without; and indeed this is one great difference between a true godly man and anHypocrite. The godly man is mt.~ch humbled for the fins of his hearc. Though they ne·rer break out into aflion, yet if they arife and move in hishearr,it doth trouble him exceedingly, as you fee Paul, Rom. 7• making thofe fad out.cri;s and compl'ainu onely becaufe of heart'" motions inordinately fiirring againll: the Law of God ; But the hypocrite who doth all thmgs to be feen of rnt'n, and doth not refpefl God, he is fatisfied, if the outfide be clean: Well then look to your hearts as that deceitful! root of all bitterneffe, though. no branches fprouc our, what a fer ious and necdfary exhortation cloth Solomon give, Prov.4 . 23, With all k§eping.r or above all kfepings k!ep thy he11rt. As t he heart is deceitfull above all things, fo above all keepings and warch– in_gs we mufi watch to this, and why {o ? for out of it arc the . i§ues of life: finfull eyes r. nd wicked han4s are bccaufe of a finfulLheart: Do not then bldfe thy fel(becaufe of a civil · unblameable life, if the hearr be full of proud , earthly, fin· · full thoughts, Thou art an abominable and loatbfome finner before God ~Hence Mat·5. our Saviour preached firange but true doctrine, when he informed them of thoJc tradicwnaH cr.r~urs and interpretations of the command rhat they had been brought up a long t.me in; as if it did only forbid out– ward fins; No, fa ith our Savio~r there is heafi-adu ltery and h~art··murder : Let not therefore any man flat ter himfel f with a fair Qutfide, when the heart is inwardlyfil rhy; he is n be t– ter then aSerpent 1 which bath a glittering outfide, but inward7· - Jy full ofpoifon. · · - lnJinding out ·. 7· The heart i& deceitful ahout fin, i.n that it'sfulltle and craf– i,anyficufes ·ty to finde DP~t numy excu-[ts 11bout it, You wou ld wobder at all a-~~lt . n. the wiles and crafts of men in this refpcet. We had it from - ' . . . . . - . -·· . -·. ., ., ~ -·. .4 J : ,~.tAuam .