Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

' ofthedectitfnlnefeaiJJguileljmanJ hedrt~ vation ofanother man, when he may and ought,is a murderer of his foul. Oh then obferve thy heart in this refped:; doth it not deceive thee, while thou fayefi, I am no fuch finncr, I offend oot in fuch tranfgreffions? yet thou arc apartaker and accelfary either mediately or lwmediately. , . : . . 5. The heart u deceitfult in.finne, When it "Will commtt ~ntqm~ 5· . . t", pretendin11 much 1 good to c6me therehy. This bath been a fre - I.n c~mmtto :.; d . 6 . d d r. h d r. h tmg ltn pre– quent ecett: Alas, they woul not have one 1UC an 1UC · tendino much unwarrantable things, but that there was a neceffic~, and good tg come . much good will come th~reby. There were fuch even m the thereby. Apo!Hes time, that would make fuch inferences as thefe are; Let mdoevil thlltgtiodmaycome, Rom.3.8. Butfecwhatan heavy fentcnce the Apofile paffeth upon fuch, WhB[e d>~mn.c· 'tion ujuft. Its therefore a fad deceit of heart, for any man to encourage hiinfelf to do a wicked atlion, becaufe its probabl~ fuch good may come by it. Its dired:ly againfi'Scripture, no flilch divinity is eo be owned. 1 Hence Auflin faid,Aman might !1ot tell a lye, th~ut,h it \.Vere to[av_e the ~hole \.Vor!d: and ind~ed tf good come by Cinne, as fometrmes there-- doth ; all falvatron came by Chrifi, whp was crucified by the wickedneffe ofmali· ·cious men; and much go'od came to Jo/ephs family, by his bre~hercns finnes againfl: him; therefore he told them, you thought evil to me,hut G_od turnedit togo(JJ: If, I f~y,good dotlt eome fometimes by finne, this i! not the genuin~ ~nd proper effed: ofevil, but the over-ruling power ofGod chat makei it fo; otherwife,as exfaJfo nil nijifalfum[tquitur; (o,ex malo,nil nifmalu1'11.J_; thy finne of it felf m1kes more finne, fee• lcre fee/m ejl tuendum: and therefore when the godly have fometimes through .infirmity done evil, ex:petfing fOLn~ good, as Jacoh j~ cdli~g a lye to get the bleffing, the good they have obtamed, bath been fo dogged with mifcries, that the f"Y'eetnc:ffe of the mercy hath been taken :nvay, and they,have bttterly learnt t,his truth ; Its bcfi to w:ait Gods time, and go 9n .in his way, the11; by haftening good eo us chrough evil means: Obferve then"thy heart very diligently, fuch delu· lions do cafily cake place, ifyou livonot_wholiy by Scripture commands. 6. The hrart i? dectit{Hll, in that if'it doth nor aElually cam– , ' 1 ' • • • E ,j · mit ' • /