Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

~~ ·of the tltccitfolnejfe dn'dguilt ofMtttts ht4rt: blamtd, and then the devils rempratiou will not ucufe, f>e.: caufe the originall of all is the lull of a mans own heart; I fball not difpute that prad.call point , whether there be any fin committed that the devil dotb not alfo tempt and fuggeft to? This is enough -which the Apofile l~mo tels as, Yam. I. Who makes Iufi within u~ robe the fount ain of _all evil, and fhewetb t y what degrees lufi at lafi comes to bring forth; So then it~s bu,t a meer de,eit of a mans heart to fay,The devil tempted me, lt was no_t :L-hut the dt vil, for its amans own lufi: that fets open the _do-or fi1 fi to lnthe devil in. , The third excufe men deceiive themfelves with, is, the lit– tlemffe o-f the fin: What need men be fo feverr, and keep fuch ado? Js it any but a little fin, a fmall matter? Thus men ac– cufiomcd to petty oaths, and to tell officious, or tnerry lies, wanton and lafcivious difcourfe : Thcfe kindes. of petty fins, as men acc'oo11~ them, they do greatly dtceive thcmfelves by; for if men would judge ~right, they would account no finne little: for although the·Scripture make fome finnes as gnats-, and other as camels, yet take the leafi fin abfolutely, the guilt of it is greater then thou canfi bear ; Ifyou ask why, the an– fwer is ready, There is no little fin, becaufe there is no little God: al1 1finis tranfgreffion of tile Law; and , the Jeafi ble– milh in the foul bath infinite evil·in it; b-ecaufe it is againft God of infinite majefiy; and further no fin is to be accounted little, bccaufe the guilt can only. be done away by Chrifis blon4; Had Chrifi died to take away all fin but that one·pctty · oath, that one fafcivious word, all thy rears, thy fighs could never have fatisficd; Though it be but a far'thing, yet if left unpaid, it will keep thee in that dungeon of hell for ever. Fourthly,Men dtceiv~ themfelvn in fin hJ thu excufe, thttt itt 1ttJiverfali, mofl do it: Why lhould they be precife.and fingu– lar to do contrary to all the world? This is an heavy ternpea~ tion, and men think that may be ealily pardoned, which ·is u– niverfally c~mmit t cd ; but this will deceive you, for:God doth exprdly command, that we fhould notfollow amultitadfto doe evil; and therefore we reade of ~ot though btu one man,how unfpotted be kept bimfelf, vexing hi& ownfoul with /eeing and JHIIring the ~ick£d dmls of~~~~~ m.m; yea, O~! ~~!!()~~ !D~kes : it .