Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

·oftht deuitfidntjfe Andguile ef MAtts hu1t. it nccdfary for ~vu~ man tobe in a good manner fillgufar; If JoH love th?fe that 16veyou, \\·hat jingul11r thing doyt!Mat·S• faith our Savwur; HenC'e the A.folllc corr.mands us not to Pe conformed tfJ the fafoion of the Vf·Qr/d, Rom. 12. I. Uni\·trfality then ~ and multitude will not txcuk: .Argt:mtntum pt.ffi1lli turha• ufe of Exhortation, To fhnd upon our watch ~ith· fear and uembliog. Out of the heart proce.ed t'Vil thoughts-, adulte·' ries, murders, and ~tll fins; When youarc forewarned thusby the holy Gboft, ifoyou yet take no heed, your condemnation will be jufi, No wonde~ if fo many millions of fins be daily ' committed, feeing fo few watch and pray ~gainft their own hearts,Libera "" D~mine 11. meipfo,and it"s a good and ntcelfary · praier, 0 Lord fave me and deliver me from my own felf.How wilt thou in thofe eternalljlamcs cry out and howl with ia– digoation again£1: thy 9wn heart. Oh rniferal>le c;kceived wretch, How a~e· au my hopes· and comforts gone! How is my Honey tu.rncd togall and wormwood, . Oh that I had had wifedom and und~rftanding ~o prnen_t the!e t?rm~nts {fhou that. canfr not ab-:de hypocnfie and dtffimulatton marto.ther, why is, not that of tby own· he.ar.t loathfome to thy own fclf•.. SIR~~~ ·'