Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

0{1ht deceitfitlneffi andgt~ilt a(Mdns btdt'f. , the remedy; that will certainly carry to r'he ,grave. Firfi: therefore ltt ~Ot fin after the commiffiori of it lye quietly in t[~y-confcience; do not labour toput it out of thy minde, to . wear out the remembrance of ir. It's a deadly bit thou haft fwalloy;ed down, if that fhould lie like 1:1ndigefied meat upon the fiomack, trouble tl1ee and make thee fick, ti-ll the fpiri- , tual vomit of cot)fdfionbath given the eafe'. And fecondly$ when it doth trouble thee take the right way for repentar:~ce. The Apofile, 2 Cor.7. tels us ofagodly for row and aworldly forrow, the one brings death, the other life: and to be fure, fin is like the fea, it never leavcth roaringand foaming, till the winds from above ceafe to trouble it. So thy heart will never be fiill till God be fiill. Tranqttillm Dem tranquillat omnia, . P[al.32· I?avid could have no ~efiinhis bones till he truly repented,and then he had prefent eafe. c ~-~~~~~t~~-~M~ SE R Me ·v. :!he third great inftance of theHearts · Veceit,iJin the matter ofReligion in ·generalJ,andabout Religious.Duties · -·in particular. • J I R. E M. 17. 9• The hettrl il deceitful/ above all. things,anddofjerately wic- ·· ked, -who can know it ! . . · · WEarecome to the third and Jaf:t Inlh e ofthe dcceit.;– fulneffe of mans burr, and that is matter of Reli– gion, and religious duties. If fo h afalje balance be an abtmi• ~ - w~