Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

S8 ofthe de~eit/ulmfle (mdgtJi!eofMdmhe¥ttt: ver.y e~d; but tfuis mufr.not be the· only:, or the principa!I mo; tive, but the offence and difpleafure of God ought to trou- . ble thee more then all the .outward evil in the world:As y,ou fee in 'lJavid, though in many miferiei and calamities, yet the light of Gods countenance he prized mo.re then earthly fe– licity. Donot thou )therefore wriog this truth while blood comes, which is only for nouri!hl11g milk; for many tirni:s the heart of a tender godly Chriftian, becaufe it findes fuch motives as thcfe, doth judge it felf an hypocrite, conclude thlt it hath neveryet truly repented, but this is ~o throw thy fc:lfinto the ptt. Andyou mufi know the heart is deceitfull, as W~ll in bearingWitnefs againfl thy felf~ as if there were AQt that good in thee which God hath wrought, ai.wdl as pre– fumptuoufly to flatter thee, that thou hafi repented, when thou haft not. / , · VI · · Lafily~ Forwe cannot take up all the dereitfull part-iculars,· When it.pats a hf!rein or-sr hekrts deceive m about repe'ntance for Ji1i, that We are man upon clo- WillinlJo do thofo duties Which 6elong to God, but then \'l?e fly off in~ dude~ to• fom thofe th.tt helo14§ to man. This is efpecially feen in tl)e fins w_ard Gohd, of injufliceand unrighteoufn~fs that we are guiltyof!. Have With t e neo-- d d f: d d h h' 'll' !eel: of dmie~ we wronge or. e nu e ot e~s _? ·t ts we~r~ wt tpg to contoward tnln. fefs.to God, thts w.e. cafl bewatJ mour.praters; .but ~o rqake fuch refticution and fatisfal'iion as· God required1, becau!e this is againfi thyprofie, or it is mauer of fi1ame, ·tha,t thou. wilt never do• . But whst faith God to the Jews that fafled and afflicted their fouls, D() jullice aod· judgem~nt, reflore w,hat is taken away, .oas if aH their Qther d1:uies wer~ qot eo be regarded. So when th,ure are jarres and· c;on.troverf\~s between . neighbour and .ne.ighbour; thcywill pray, -th:ey• will be careA full to perform religious duties ; but' to forgive one anpthcr, to be reconciled in Love, that they will never ftoop unto, whereas there is no true repentance till cl1efe things be ' done. · . ·• . · Ufe of Admonition, If ·thy heart hath de·ce,ived, thee .to .commit,fin, Oh let it not deceive theeabout repent'ing for ic ! for thi5 is mor.e dangerous then the former. To fin doth ~ot meerly damn, bvt not to repent, that immediatlydefiroyeth. To be difeafed cloth not prefently.kill; but to refufe and reject · the I '