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- 9fth~tkteitflilmfe indjuileo]iNills~~~~; ··-) ·hiniCclffaid, there fo,uiJ ht f~tl/e Chri{fs, and fo there wit~b-e falte and lying fpirits in the Church ofGod. No.w the.Sptrit ofGod,is a publike Spirit,as I may fo fay ; that is,~t breathetit &nd works by a publike and k-nown organon or mRrument.; we are to expetl the Spirit in and through theWord, as h~alw ing was only to be looked for in the poole of Bethefda, <?~ly there and not in other waters did the Angel defcend ; fo tts here, in the Scripture, and only through that, dotb the Spiri! ofGod t:ammunicate light and heat. Oh therefore take heed. ofdelufians in this kinde, it may be thy own Spirit, or Sa~a~, that works in thee, when thou thinkefi: its the holy ~pmt. Pr~cticall DJvines give many differences, how we fhall dtfcern our own motions and delufions from the Spirits holy infpira~ tions; but that which i-s the chiefet't of all, is to examine the confonan'J' of it,and the warra.ntablcneffe of it by theWord : There are two forts o.f men fpeak contemptibly of the Scri– pture~ the Papifi:s becaufe of their Traditions, and Entbu.. fiafts becaufe ofpretended revelations ; whercu if men were more fenfible of this hearts deceitfulnelfe, they would be more humble, and modeft, and d-epending on the Scripture; Take heed of the fubtle .deceits of thy lie'art in this parti· . rular. Thus for Religion in the gcneralt The h Then for Religious Duties. The heart is full of guile; as deceitful~;~ Firfl', T_.o put them o.ff and deiP~J, to pretend one neceJ!ity or in Religious ' ()tmr, one bPJjinefe or othtr, or to t~tk.p a better time, or ~hen Duties)is feea their hearts are in a more heavenly fame. Thefe and a thoufand I. fuch dilatory excu[e§ the heart bath, to'put off chofe holy du- In putting ties God calls them unto. Tfius in the building of the Tern• them off;&'c. pie, which was 3.lpecilll fervice unto God, howmany volnn· · tary delayes did they make?It was not time yet they faid,Hag. t.z. but che Prophets awakened them: I s it time to build your ew»heufu, and to let Gods houfe l]e VJi'afle ? they had time for every thing but that. Thus you mayrobferve y&mr hearts deceiving ofyou; You have no time forfami ly· prayer,or private prayer ~orning and ·eve~ing: Have you not time for the wodd? you are ft:tr-e to negletl: no worldJ occafi(i)ns,neither w?ulda thou heavenly opportnnities, but that thy heart de· ce1veth thee. Its -agreat firatagem inMilitary affairs, to put G 2 the