Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

44 Ofthe tleteitfu/ne{[e ilndguJ/e ofMalu heart.· the enemy to divcrfions; and rl:ms the heart when its impor~ toned to holy duties, then it fuggefls other bufindfes other occafions, and fo by this means the prize put into ou; har.ds is Jofi: 1f men did pratlic~lly obf~rve their hearts, they would finde great~r hypocnfie her~m. HQw o.fren are they feduced as the Lcvlte was, to flay a little and a IICtle, to their inevitable ruine 1 , 2.. z. In religiotu DutieJ, if our hea;ts6y r:fJfubtle pretence can Or performput them off, then there ~re corr.upt ~ndfolf-jeekjng aimes 'i~.'hich ing themwith the heart u full of. Oh mnothtng IS mans heart mort dectit– corrupt aims. full, then in his aimes and ends; carrying it as if it were Gods glory and Gods honour, they only propounded, when its on– ly Self fiill in all that they doe : The duty may be an high fpi– rituall duty,when the end is a Jow,vile,carnall end.Now while I am on this Point, I am in the very bowels of the hearts de– ceirfulneffe: 1ehues heart did notoriouOy deceive him,he car– rieth it as if he were a great reformer, a defiroyer ofAhtt!JJ idolatry; and thcref~re faith hc,Come andfee my ~ea!;: King. Io,t8. JJ tb] heart right tU mine i:s? yet in all thefe great and w.onderfull works that he did, fo that nothing was able to fiand before him; yet the core of all this glorious fruit was rotten, he was a painted fepulchre ; It was not God nor his w.ill he lookt at, but his own cemporaJl advancement·: and therefore Ho[.1.4. God threatens to punllh him for all that he· had done; for though he baddon.eall that was in Gods l:le·arr, yet he was not aman after Gods heart in -doigg ofit. 'The · Pharifees are.alfo a pregnant intlance; how devout j,n religion, how zealous for .falling, for prayer, for the Sabbath? but what was the root of all this religion? ambition, adefire to be feen and applauded of men. Oh then fee to your heart in this matter: Thou thinkefi all is well, God may not only fee 1eavcs,but fruit -on thee; but which fpoils all, chofe worms of vain-glory have fpoiled thy chiefdl:duties; this is that fweet , poifen which defiroyetb infenfibly. , 3· 3· If theguile ofthe heart cannot hinder thee from doing rtliOt. elfe 1 {t giom duties, and that from pure grounds; then it lahourJ to :~?J~ea~d reff- fPoile all by, pride an4f:lf·confid~nce after the duties t~re perfor– co.nfide'nce af- mcd. When the D1fctples had healed the lick, and call out- . ·· devils,