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so . .. '' '. (Jj tht tltttitfol~ejfe andgNilebf:Mit11s htdr/. wu~onty tentati'll~,, not to make them qudlion it, but fecing th~:~bjt~i()n removed to be the further affured ofrt. Thus .i{utl, Heb.6. wflen he doth fofcverely fpeak thofe thunder– ing words, concerning rpen enlightened,' ~tndbting partak.!rs cf the holy Ghofl, and yet revolting ; he did it not that the rrnly g.od1y ihoul4 be upon perpf:tuall uncettainties,and daily tor– ments ofconfciem;e whether they be.fo or no; for, faith he, I bope .better 'things of you, and things th4t accompany falvation.• thouJ.h We thm [peak!. Take heed then that thy heart de_ccive thee not in this point, even whilfi: thou hearell of the hypo– c;rifie that is in all w.e do, that therefore tqou quefiion all; this is great weakndfe yea and unt~ankfulneffe, not to take 110tice ·ofwhat God bath done forthee. It was great injudi· doufnefi'e ia tl~ eAcademic.ks of old, that becaufe every thing' might be dlfputed, fo probably, to hold nothing was whoHy known; as in d1efe.daies, of thofe who are called Seekers, who becaufe of Arguments tofi'cd on all fides, think there is no.true Church, or Minifiry, .or Ordinances any where in the world: and therefore as the Jews look for aMtflias, {o they for aChurclt to come that they may joyn- unto. Thus, it is as great weakndfe in a godly man to qudHon his repentance,. his faith, his graces which God bath wrcugbt in him,becaufe the hypocrites heart tells him :Pe hatb fuch, when iodce~ he hath ·none, -Even as.if aman awake, fhould douh~ whether· he be awake or inadreame,becaufe men in adreame are fomc• times really.perfwaded they are doing fuch things, which in– deed they do not. Why is it thou haft fuch complaints and groans in thee, if there be notfpirituaH life in thee? Whence are thofe hung-rings and thirilings in thee, but fiill from Gods grace in thee? Jkcaufe a man may be de~cived, it doth not follow, that in every thing he is deceived. ACretianPoe'J faid the Cretill»S Were alwayn lyars, Tit. I .12. yet that Cretian . did not lye in that faying, for the Apoftle faith, t-ht~t "Witnt§e u true. 'rbe heart therefore may be confldercd a~ the foun· taib of all rationall and animall allions, and fo its not deceit• (ull; for WC can telJ,what We think, what WC love, what We cicfire. z. As a fanetified principle of fup-ernaturall and fpi– riblallaflions, ,an~ f~ ~ · ~~ may perceiv~ ~hen he}~dlb &alt ~ .