Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

/ ' ofthe dueitfolneffo a1JtlguileofMo~n~ h~1.rt.! 4' ferve, but all of every thin~ a_man hath, andnihil eft extrlito: tmn, nothing is more tl1eh alJ: but overmiec,h rigbteoH[neff~ u either to go the fummam ju·s, -not obferving that equity and(xm, defcenjion tU in fome cafes u r!quire~: This 1ofephavoide'd,when feeing Mary to be great Wtth chdde, he. thought to J>Ut her away privately,Mae.2. ~nd IPecaufeoftht~cpndefcenfion, he is faid to be righteous, that ii,equitable; or elfe it u in a rigid 11nd(uperftitiom obferyation of things M tf{entialt t_o piet) and juftice,\Vhich indeedare mJt. The hearts then of the godly be·. - ing full of deceit this way, I £lull take notice of fome parti.. culars therein: and the rather, becaufe this text is much pref.. fed by Bell~t'r'rt#ne and Papills ,. That no man can be affured when he is in tbe (bee of 'grice, becaufe the heart is deceit~ full: and trulr the godly many times when they hear fo much ofthe hypocrifie and guile of:their he~rt,are ready to be bea• ten out of their confidence : firft they begin to fear, then fro'l'1t.J fears come doubts, from doubts come diretl andpojitive denials of ttnJ grace 'in therfl..l. But lec ·not.aQy godly hearer, while we preach of this ,guile of the.heart, think we commend doubt· ing of all that God hath done for them : da not run upon on~ rock while yoa feek to avoid another. When !ohn Bapeift was to prepare away for Chrill, he was not only to levell the mountains, but to raife up the valleyes; therefore on the right hand,thy heart may deceive thee thus : 1. When under.thi& pretence Qfdeceitfulncjfe, thou doubteft of 1 • all in thee: . and fo whereas this text vouchfafeth good milk When uncler thou wringdl: it till blood come -; now this is impudent cofen~ this pretence .ing, to che3,t theewhile thou,art complaining ofcheating: to of deceitfuld · " h' l h 1 · · f h d neffe thou . ,ece;:ve t1,ee, w 1_ e t ou ar.t corn~ a.mm:g o t e eceitful- doubteil: ofall .. ne!fe ther.eof. When our Say10ur dtdmfo m1ny places difcoin thee - ·· ver how far men might go in religious dutie;, and have reH.. -·~· gious affeCl:ions,yet f,lave no root, be built on no fure founda~ tion; this was nor: to make all his hearers be in a continuall . doub.cand agony, whether ever they were found at heart or no -; but to m1ke way by diligent examination, for a good efiabh!hcd alfu rance: As our Saviour at anqther time brought arguments by way of cryal to prove he wa's not the , Meffias, or the fonne of D• .,vid; but when he argued thus it · . . . . H ~u