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, ,. 4 ofthe deuit{iJlneffe andgmli'ofM41Js lx4ii: ·~ :1_ the godIy as foon as ever they are put i eo a. ftate of grace~ trlllfl know this, that there is a life offaith 1 anda life of fenfe; now according to fenfe we are m:my times, in.our own feel· , ing§, a bltrenwildetAeffe,avery hell, as that good rliamcricd · ~· out, Gehmna [um, 'Domine, gehenna[um; bu t things are not ,.: therefore fo,becaufe menfee l fo ; lf/e Walk}; faith not bJ[enfe, ·~.· 2 Cor.),·o/· Take a godly m1n, for bigoutward condition in the world, he is fo oppofed,fo h ted, meets with fo much mi· fery, that of all t he men in the world, you would think he were not the man whom God loved; fo faith the Apoftle,/f ~·· \Vc htfld hope onlj itz this \Vorld, We Were ofall menmoft mi.fer~tflle. I Cor.I S, And We are M P,eep appointed for the (laughter. 1£ was fo in the old Tefiament, and the Apoftle confirms it in the ·f: new : thus it is according to fenle; but it ig far otherwifeac· cording to faith. But the godly mans heart deccivcth him,he :.: fpeaketh according to fenfe. Zion hath[~~.id, the Lord hathfor• · fak!n me, butit was not fo, Ifa·49·I4. And thus it is in our inward condition: The godly arc many times in the dark ; they are like Paul and his fellow pdfengers in the (ea, th4t had been many daies in fad tempefts, and had not fecn the Sun; and they fay, according to fenfe,God hath forfak!nme, l , am 'Wholly left, I am become a firebrand of bell, there is no more hope for me. Oh pity me, all you that knowme, for God h1th filled me with bittcrneffe ; now aU this while thy heart is deceiving thee : Thou judgeft as thou fcelefi, where– as you Cbould judge according to tht principles of faith, as Habal(_lz.ulz.did, Though the jigtree do not blofom,&c. yeJ I 'Will rrjoyce in .the Clodofmy[lliVIltion ,Hab. 3. I V. Fourthly, This falfe confequence the heart of a godly man is deceived with, becaufe it doth not finde that it can doe the things God rcquireth,with fo full and perfect a htart as they defire, but they finde fo much backwardndfe, dulnefre,li£Hef· netf~, that they are fo many lumps of elrth ; therefore they think theydo nothing as they ought todo, n·oc difiinguiihing between the truth of grace,and the perfedioa ofit;or the pre$• fence offinne,and dominio~ of it: In this particular the pco~ pie of God do much delude themfelves. vVhereas the Promi· fes are made to the truth of grace,not to the degrees of it : If there