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oftholea#folneffiATJdgNUe ofM~tnsbt4rt. 51p there be true faith') true repentance, they may claim thePr~- mife though they have not fo much grace as P11111 or Dt~vtd bad.' Achilde bath as truly mans nature in him as a dwarf: A drop of water is as truly water as an ocean, and the ieaft Sarre is of aceleftiall -nature, though it be,not theSunne. We read of the incdluous perfon,that he was almoftfwallowed up z Crir. : :J· with griefabout his finne: his hurt deceived. him as if he were not to moderate his forrow, :ind to kec:p it 'in a~happyconfifiency with faith and joy in theJ10ly GhoJl"' Thusyou have hcard 1 how the heart ofa man doth dettrvt Jiim on the right hand, by making falfe confequences. J proceed to a fourth Infiance of the deceitfulndfe of a 4· mans heart, and that is out r/good t~:ffieElions and intrntio11S, tU Whdcn °~,t o£ . _ '1 . goo aue· we think,., to pajfe 6y the rule We ought to 'Will/zby. No doubt, cHons anJ .• - when Peter heard Chrifi: fp~akin~ of his fufferings, an~ faid, tentions ( ~~ · Mafter (ave thy felf, he thought tt was love and affecbon to they think) Chrift : but how fevetely did Chrift reprove him, telling him, they palre by he (t~voured not the things ofGod,but ofman;M:U·l 6. 2 3.So when the rule thq the Sam~ritans would not receive Chrifi:, the Difciples pre- ~ught to walk · fcntly wouldhave fire ealied from Heaven to confi.Jme thc/11.-J; y. but oar Saviour tells them, They i:lidnot k._nolfl 'V.•hat jpirit they Were of, Luk.9. 55. They though~ it had been ze1l and love to Chrift,but it was indeed rdhnelfe and carnall revenge. Lafily, The heArt of a rtMn deceivtthhim ,on the right h~tnd, . 5. When he ajfeEls or expeEls fuch an highWay of perfeElion in any !nawhen he Church, either for DfJEfrine, Difcipline or con':Jer{atir;n, that is affi:tts or e~a~ove the Scripture~direElitm,or promifo for any fuch thing. For peCl:_s fu~h per– fometimes as 3 godlyman is apt to conclude·he bath no true fcechonw any · h. b r. h d"r. h r f: . 1. r. h . · nurch, that gra-c~ 10 tm, ecau1e e tJcernet 1.0rne at mgs;10 e ts ready is above the to thmk, no Churches ar~ trueChurches wl1erein any defeCts Scripturc.di– are. Now the Apollle btds us,not<tfl be 'Wifeabove that which is reCtion or p a– Written; not to affect higher wifdome then is revealed : In mife~ the Parable, when the tares were fown with the wheat. thefervants aske~ their mafier, if they fhould go ·and pl11ck them _ up; Not fo,fatth the mafier,/cflye pluck_ up the Yrheat 11ljo, Mar. 1 g. 19. and condudes,that at the eAd of the world and not till · then, God will remove all fcandals. Purity of Ordinances and reformation of Churches, is alwaycs to be prayed fo~ and;