Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

ofthedeceJtfulnef!eandgttileofmttlls heart.· not to feern a light thing unto you, while you hear this truth, yea you are -eo accompany the hearing of it with fear anf trembling, with fadneffe and deep groans. 'facob did ferioufly cxpofiulate wi.th _Laban, faying, why h.-:tft thou deceived me thm tJjten in changing my Wages? but this was in an euthly ' matter only. Thou mayell: cry out and fay, Oh my wretched and finfull heart, why hall: thou deceived me, not this tef:l times, but this choufand of times, and that abou£: my ever!a– fling happineffe. Its a rule that fome give? When am.-tn bath once deceivedyou, never to truft that m~n again: yet thy helrt doth daily deceive thee, and notwithfhnding this thou doll: daily believe it. Well, let the aggravation of 'this dreadfull condition in many particulars make thee het;Vail it, and if thou art once well infl:ructed about it, thou w,ilt never be deceived about it. When thou hall: warnil71g given thec,and thou doelt believe it, it maft needs be unpardonable folly to tmfl:' it again: When Paul was infot:med chat fpies were laid in wait tokill him,he prefently prevents their malicious delign: Thui .. . when thou art informed how deceitfull thy heut: is,alwayes lying in wait to dellroy thee , jf thou ha!I: any care or love to thy foul, thou wilt be diligent t@ prennt it. What was faid of a certain people, chat lay skulking up and down in fecret places, it was dijficilim invenire,quam vincere, harder to finde them out,then to conquer them; fo its he're,It§ harder to finde out the fecrec .and fubtle luHs of thy foul, then to mortif.ie them: get them out of their holes,as you do moles or wormes out ofthe ground, arid then you may eafily take them. , Fir!l:, ·Therefore thu Deceitfulnef{c u fad!y to be aggra71tflted, The he.irt is hecau{e it tak.fs away all(enfe andfujpition ofany fuch thing. The fo deceit full, deceitfull heart is accompanied with fenfelefneffe and flupidi- that it takes , ty :ifthere were any fufpition or fear,then it would not do fo aw~~ Gl~ ~ence mueb hurt, but the 'heart being deceitful.!, there is no holy ~~{a u P/tl~ll fear or trembling, no jealoufie at all. Ex:perienc~ in all mt:ns thin~! uc hearts doth tefl:ifie this: Come to any man in his oaturall eo fiate, hath he any fufp ition of himfelf; Dotb he ever think what ifI be not yet in a right way? how if ,I bleffe my foui when~od abhorrethm~? Doth not everynun as Ag>ig', delude h1~ own foul, faying, The w~rft u over:" f!e will not fo I much