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, •' I ' ofthedeceitfulm/[e AndgHileofMa»s heart; and endeavoured: ·1prayGodyou d8 no evil,C1id P.,u/,viz.fuch evil as fhould infeel: the Church and deferve fevere difcipline; but to think to have a Church confHlmg of perfeCl: members . without finne, as fome have dreamed of,is to m1ke a fpiritudl Vtop'ia, as he did acivill one. . Vfe ofAdmonition to the godly, That their hearts do not deceive ~hem on the right hand, as wicked mens do on the left. Irldeed becaufe the number of the godly are few therefore the neceffity of this doctrine is not of fo generall a~ extent; but if this Sermon bet. means to undcrceive any godly man,to help him out of the depths and whirlpoole5 he is funk: into,its labour well fpent:Thy heart deceived thee while thou wert a finner,and now it doth while thou art a penitent: then it deceived thee in thy duty, now in thy comforts and thy way todum: Never confult with thy own h~rt, how to have . peace, joy and affurance, Tofle te ~ te, impedu te, faid Auftin well. All the while thou haft rejetl:ed the promifes, refufed comfort, t~ou hall bee!~ a deceived man : ~race was in thy beart, Chrtft dwelled m thee, and thou dtdft not know it : Therefore let all forts ofmen, the wicked and the godly, take bced of this deceitfull heart. . ~~~$.~~~~~-~·c~~~ $J>~~~~.$a~ I S-s R M. VII. :-fhe wofuO aggra1Jations of theVeceit~ fulnejfe of~ans Heart. · · ' J BR R Mo 17. 9• 7be heart u dueitfitll above aU thing_s, &c. WE have in_flanced in the -eminent particula~s, w~erein the Dccettfulnelfe of theHeart doth mamfeft tt felf, I now come to fuew_the fad aggravatio·ns ofthis ; for it ought not