Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

/ ofthedeceit(Hlntjfe ~ndguile ifM"ns he4rt. finnes as others do. So men concerning their'outward eltate~ theyare apt to fet bounds; If they had fo much,if they could obtain but to fuch an e!hte, they would defire no more: whereas, alas their hearts deceive them; for when they have fo much, then fiill they defire more, and fo addition doth not quench but increafe the thirft. 3. Is the heart thus deceitful? then wonder not to fee men praetife thofc finnes which they £ondemn in another. Though the Apofilc Rom•z.. I. faith,{uch a manu inexcufahle, that cfJn• demneth another man and yet doth the fame things. He that teach– eth another fhould not be wicked yet he be wicked himfelf; fo the caufe of all this is evident, vi2::., the deceitfulneffe of a mans heart : Even as the eye doth fee other things but it dotb not fee it felf; fo the heart of a ma~ condemneth the pride, worldlineffe, felf-fceking in another, that it doth not behold in it fclf. So wonder not to fee a man fpeak againfl thofe fins in the generall, which yet he in his particular will daily corn· mit, for as long as men have thefe impofiur:cs within them, it cannot be othcrwife. , Lafl:ly,Is the heart deceitfull?.then we fee great reafon,why the Scripture doth fo much command watchfulneffe, fobriety, mourning, fafiing,prayer, and all fuch religious exercifes, for :all is too little feeing our hearts do eafily feduce: If you be not alwayes on your watch-tower, if you do not conHantly obfcrve what things come in and go out of thy heart, it will be ~~~raye4 ~nd t~-~.1:! kno!?. no~hing. s BCT~ / - - ..... ~ _.-J