Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

(cSS) ~-~~~~~A · SEcT. II. Of Uprightnetfe of H·eart, or the · Heart without Guile. · , S _ERMe VIII. Qpening the Scripture words that hold .forthVprightnejfe ofHeart,andjhe'OJ_ .. ingwhichare the Charafters oft$Heart without quilf!...J. · p SA Lo Jl• 2. . Blejfod 15 the m:Jn tmto whsm the Lordimputethnot iniquity, and in whiJ{e (}irit there unoGuilu. , ,...ICil;ilt.41111' HE' excellency of this Pfalme is notified in the infcription, Mafchilt, which is as much as a Pf~lme to give inftrutlion; and the two firft verfes ffem to be a doCtrine ' breathed out from the inward agonies and fad con1bat-a the Bfalmift had in his foul, becaufe of the guilt of finne within him : Its a truth woven out of his own experience from his inward parts, as the Sil"k-worm fpins her excellent materials from her own bowels. K In