Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

66 of Uprightne/Je 'f lltart: 0~ In the words ·we ~ave a defcription of Bleffednelfe, which is the chiefend ofman,and which all defire,though they wan•' der from the way and means to i·r. And in this confider firft, · The fubjetlwho are bleffed: and fecondly, The fpecificacion of the bleffing. The fubjca defcribed to be bleffed, are not fuch 'whom the world deth account bldfed; for fome fay, Bleffed are the Rich in this world ; forne, Bleifed are the Ho– noured in this-world, others, Bleffed an~ the Powerfulland ·Mighty io the world; but none of thefe things are named by the Pfahnifi, he found by his own experience that all the Kingdoms and Honours in the world were nothing to the ha.. ving fin pardoned: Oh no; the treubled heart for fin, would give a world, ifit were in his power, for the light of his Gods countenance ; fo then you fee what is bleffed.neffc: and though man fcnfelcffe oft he wrath ofGod, that never fo1,1nd the fhakings of this foundation within through finne, is·hot apt to be affeCled with this blcffedndfe, yet when once you come to be fpiritually wounded, you will then cry out'for this oyle to be powred into yoq. Now the fubjed: defcribed, is one that hath·thcfe two qualifications, which are the fumme and epitome of. all true Cbrifiianity; Ju.ftification and S4nfli- . jic<ftion: Jufiifica.tioQ, is in thofe paffages, which contain re– mijfi6n of Jinne; and{anaification, in that of my text, iH 'WhoftJt. JPirit there id mguile. " . Its not my incent tofpeak of the former, only tr-anfiegtly take notice of the nature of bleffedneffe defcribed to be in remiffion offinnes; which is amplified by three emphaticall . cxpreffions : I. whofe Jinne u forgiven : In the Hebrew it iC', which is lifted' up; and thereby is excetlcntly Chewed, That finne lyeth like an heavy burden aad a weighty load upQn man, as one that is to be prcffed to death: now forgiveneffe is an eafe or a taking off this burden. z. lt faith, 'Whofejnne u covered: . That denoteth the loathfome and foul nature of finne, how abominableJ and provoking it is of the Lords eyes againfi our own fou Is. 3. Who[e iniquity u not imputed : and that implieth finne to be a great debt which we owe to God, .and being not able to difcharge,it, God he doth.graciouoy forgivc.it,and blot it out,;fo thauvhen thy ftnnes :u~ forgive~, lt