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6S ·of vp~ightneffi Df He4rt: Ot' ~Dove!·, Mat.IO.l6. D~vcs are far from alJ guileandcraft; the ~::reek worddY.ie5Jrn, fome make it to be from a privative and xJ.eg~ an horn, as much as without anborn, not to be of– fenfive and malicious againft others; but its better deriving it from a privative and l«eY(j) to mingle, as much as that w hieh is without mixture, for this is an heart without guile, that doth not debafe it felf by mixture with any inferior thing to it,as gold is debafed if it be mingled with braffe, or any other, inferior ll)ettall: and thus the foul is greatlydefiled, when it doth inordinately love and delight in thefe things below. Anor.her word is Phil,l.Io. £iNKem.fa, I pray God ye be ji.nccre; ~"~~ are the fun·beams, and fome make it an allufion ·to the Eagle, who 4oth try her fpurious young ones by be– holding the fun-beams; but that: feemeth to be afable: 0· thers expreife it thus ; that as by the fun· beams we difcern thofe little moates ir_1 the ayr whieh before were not difcerned, · fo its here, an heart without guile being enlightned by Gods Spirit, doth difcover thofe hidden and fecret corruptions which it never took any notice of before. The lafi I fhall infiance in is awl\am, jimplicity or plainnelfe of h~arr, when there are no folds as it were .Upon the foui,but Notes of a a·ll is made manife.ft. _ heart without In the next place let us confidei,wbat thing! are either con-: guile. ftitutive of,or confequentiall unto this heart witbout guile. . l. . And I. lt lyeth in agodly plainneffe andjimplicity offiirit; · Gfldly p1a£r not delighting in falfe coverings, and fubtle excufe!f fod~'nne: ~Uc~;:f [~:This eAdamwanted, when he laid all theblame 9il Eve, ~nd rk. Eve when the put all upon the Serpent; 'Davids heart likewife did run over with this guile, when in the fubde murder - ofVriah,he made many pretences and fair excufes for fo hor• rible impiety: on the contrary we fee Paut greatly rejoyciog in that godly firnplicity he ufed about preaching of the Go~ fpel:Tbil Scn'pture-fmplicity though {cojfed at andcondemned!J the crafty fo»es of the World, Will at l~ft appear true Wifedom; 'When all 'Worldly craft 'Will befomuch folly: !acfJG is cornmen– ded to bea plain man, a perfeR man, as in the.Origina!J, 'and he had prehtminence above Efau; and truly fimplicity in mans converfation,makes all his adions more noble and divine; for