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for as creature~ the ' mo,re fimple and unmixt they ar~, tl~ey producuhe more noble operations; as gold the leffe us ~~xcd with droffe; fire~ the more pure it is the more lively_mO• pcration; fo it .is.here, the more fimplicity in an_y ~~erctfe of grace in an·y rellgwus duty, the more acceptable 1t ts to God : God ferbad all leaven in Sacrifices,· now I Cor.). we are told what the leaven did fignifie,bypqcrifie and guile; hereby God (:fid .require fi.ncerity, fincere is fine cera_, pure honey, that is fepara~ed from r~e wax! fuch lincerity and fi~plicity lhould be in our hearts,m our ltves, pure-honey,nomtxture of finne, of earthly affeCtions, fo that an heart without guile is a plain, 6g. fingle,finccre heart. , . 2. An he.1rt n'ithout guile_, ti when ih our heart \\'eare towards a~ God, What We exprejfe in our duties rtnd·in our religiom perfor· W~c.n in our mances: For indeed this is the very definicion of guile, when r~l!glOUS D~lthere is one thing in the heart, and another thing in the oes VI~:~ : m mouth ; fuch guilfull hearts Gad d.oth ofren complain-of in ~~1'at w~ ~~the people of Ifrael, They drawed nigh 'With their mouthes, 6Ht prdle in our their he(lrts Were farre from hi'm..>: And TIJey jit tU my p(op!e, wor,\s;&c. and thou art unto them M a plea{ant fang: but they will hear thee,and do nothing, E~e.33.3 1. fo then whenfoever lhy duties, thy performances are not done out of the abundance of thy h~art, this is guile; as our Saviour faith, Out oftheabun· · d11nce of the heart the motJthJFeakph, fo it lhoul.d be, out oft he · abundam:e of the heart, the mouth prayetb, the ear heareth , the bodydrawerh ni.gh to God: Thus Paul expreffeth an heart without guile, when fpeaking of God,he faith, whom l ferve in 'll!JJPirit,Rom. I .. And Joh+ tJe Far her i;; faid to feek.. [Hch Who 'Worfoip him in[pirit and truth: (o then here is a good coucbUone, to fe~ whe~ber thy he:ut be without guile or no: Isthy heartagreemg wtth thy mouth in all dutie~?Is the hearc the fountain, the mouth a fireame? Is the heart a root and duties fo many bra~ch~s fpringing from it? Thenwe m'ly f~y, Beholda true Ifraelzte,zn \\,hm; uno gftile. But(alas)howm-;;ny facrifices dowe ?ffer wit.hout an heart, which among the Ro– mans was an omtnous thtng. The Church bid, ·her e)'rs ~ept, but her ~rart Watched, Canr.5.2· Now (alas) 'thy mouth is op~n, tfiou prayefi,thou heareft,but.thy he~rt Oeepetb;this is· gtph•, K 3 j. An \