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7+ of Uprighmeffe ~r IJe11rt: or· s BR M. I X. ~oreCharaElers of aHeart XPithout (juile_;. P·sAt. 32. 2. t.AnJ ipwh1[e {}irJt there i4 no Guilu•. 6. _ THE DoCtrine gathered from the text remaineth fiiH in·· A ddire to our hands, fcverall other CharaCters of an Heart wichouc: finde om truth Guile are to be added ere we can finilh this Point: And the · and to know firft in order we fhall mention.at this time is, tlln earneft and our dubty hearty dejire to finde out the tmth ofGod, or liseq requiredofUl, thouo never r. - fi h f, co~trary. to thoHgh never 1 ocsntrary to oHr fJrmer t~ppre enjions orad't:lantao~r advantages get. The things of God ( ~ fay) and then ou~ duties ; For. or former aptruth, how many fhut therr eyes, and are afrard to come to p,-rehenfions. the light, for fear their fa1fe ware thouId be difcovered ! To · fuun light is a figne of a guilty heart. The thiefh-~tteth the light, ' fakb our Saviour, What is the reafon ofit? JJecaufe huWork! ar~ ~vi/, Joh,3.2.o. Its a very dangerous finne, yet very com– mon, thatformido IHcu, afear oflight. When menare intr– rcfied in falfe and erronious wayes, efpecialJy wherein their gain,honour and outward profits are concerned, no OwJes 01: Bat& are more afraid of the Sunne, then thcfe of th.e fearching truth ofGods word. The Scribes and Pharifces are pregnant example! for this; They were interelfed in matters of opi– lllion, wherein their own glory and greatnelfe was much in– vo.lved,and therefore theJ flop their earJ lik! the deaf Adder,and would· not hear Chrift, or the .6poll:Jes, thoHgh they charmed never fo 'Wj[e/y: neither arguments to the underfiattding, nor mirac.l~~ ~<? ~h~,eye, _ w~~!d ~~ any c~~yi~~ing way to them : . Herein.