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The 1Udrt wiihdtJi.ouile: & veritttte, where there are tranfcendent firaines ofmafcu ~ line piety, but bccaufe feJf.righteoufnelfe is in ~be bottom,' juftifying faith applying Chrifis righteoufnelfe only is not fo much as mentioned or owned, fuch religion-and devotion doth not come from all h,eart right \Vithin; as if that faying, Its more ble./Jed to give t'hen receive, were true alfo in our ju– fiification and reconciliation with God ; its more bleffed .tQ give to him, then to receive from him: I filall put offother 13 properties. . V fe ofinfirutl:ion : What is the necefi'ary way to obtain Vfe~ pardon of finne ?. Let all t~y dutie5. De without guile, let ~hy heart and affechons be wtthout gutle; Its not perfed: fatth, perfed repentance tha.t God doth expect ~efore he will pardon, but unfeigned faith,and unfeig&ted repentance: A drop ofthis water is precious, a grain of this mufl:ardfeed will pre· v.aile admirably.It was upon this point,that the devil thought to have madeaperpetuall breach between God and JQb, Doth Job[erve God for nought ? robs heart (he fa id} was aguilefull heart; God had given him plenty, riches, and hedged his way in, and then it was no marvell if he ferved God. Oh then look to this ; ifever it be poffible the dcvill will break thee upon this poiRt. Thou hall prayed, thou haft been a profef• for, but all wa$ in guile, all was in hypocrifie: now its true, the devill doth many times difquiec even the true and fincere Chrifiian .in this yery point, and its a very heavy temptation, , ·which I flutrdiretl: in· ere I leave this text 1 I am now only upon the advifing part; _To look that all thy religious duties, be thu5 from aplain heart without guile. This will be abr~zen wall: He~ek,j"h kept himfelfup with thi; (that he wal– ked in the truth) when he was fo greatly environcd with all Qlifer~es. · L • ..... . :- .. l