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14 MkSigns®f Gracv. S a c r. I I. Whole max. For thisfeed ofgraceis'nothing, but Regeneratiòn iffniing it felf into the underflanding, will and affeftions ofthe whole foul ; fö that in every part there is that which is regenerate andpurified; as well as that which is cor- rupt and defiled. 7aul,Rom.7. givethyoua large infiniteof thisinhimfelf ,He delighted in the Law ofGod in the inward man, Therewas theLawof his rninde in him (which was the feed ofgrace diffufed throhgh his wholefoul ) that did =- cline him to every good thing 'commanded in the Law ; l that although there was at the fame time a law ofthe members, and thebody offinite captivating ofhim, yet he had alfo a felled lifeofgraceoppofing all thofe motions oflime ; and this particular is diligently to be marked ; There is many a man comforts himfelf in this, my heart is fet againft finne, and if I be overtakenat any time; my co ifci- ence checks me forit, and I condemn my felf, fo that I fay with Paul, The good IWouldnot de that Ido. Oh take heed thou do notdeceive thy felt 1 for there is -a van difference between the check or refinance ofconfcience againff thy corrupt affetfhonsand lulls , and between the oppofitionof the regenerate part Ma man against the unregenerate; for the former is only between two particular faculties, the confcienceagainh theaffeâions, but the later is univerfal, there is the rege- neratepart of the will and affeétions againh the unregenerate part. So that in fuch a cafe a Chrinian dothnor only fay, my confcience bids me do otherwife, I knowbetter things, as Arifiotle (peaks of his incontinent perfon, but he alto faith, I Willbetter things, I love anddelight inbetter things. Oh therefore confi- der this fignaright 1 when thy heart crieth out of finne, Oh thou wilt meddle with it no more 1 Is this oppofition only from confcience enlightned ? Is it from that facultyonly ? Alas if fo (as commonly is is no more) thou haft no more fign ofgrace in thee, then many Heathens have had. Whena man is regenera- ted, not onlyhis confcience is made fpiritual to difcover the loathfomneffe of fin, but his heart alfo, his love, his delight, whereby he iscarried outin all the power ofhis foulagainti finne; and ifthisbefo, may wenot cry out with the Pfalmift, Help Lord, for they arefew that do trulyhate fin, Thirdly, This is align, AsherebyitWarksina wan adifficulty, yea a kinde of an inspofbilityto finne With Wilfuineffeand purpofed continuance. He doth not _one, neither can hefinne, faith the Text. Therebeing a root ofgrace in him, it's im- poflìble he fhould finne with fuch an univerfal content of foul, as wicked men do. There is a two-fold cannot , one moral, and is no more then that which dif- ficultly is not fo.Thus zCor.13.8,Wecannot do any thing againfl thetruth butfor the truth. Aet.4.10. We cannot butffreakthe things We have heard and fees. And in this fenfe, the children ofGod may be Paid, They cannot finne, becaufe they have an averfneffeof heart to it. secondly, There is a cannot, abfolutely, fo that the thing can never be, whethercafily or difficultly, and in this fenfe the godly man cannot finne totally and finally, foas tobe wholly deferted of God. As for theinflame of Peter, David, andothers, and whether the fins of the godlymay be called reigning fins, I have already fpoken to that matter. This is certain, it's impoffible fora godlyman fo to delight and live in finne, as that the feed of grace fhould bequiteextinct. Although thegrace that is in Gods chil- drenmay for a time make no actual refinance, yet the principleof it by reafon of Godspromife will never be fully removedout of the heart. The Aponte Peter, I Pet.'. makes thatnew nature oppofite to all earthlyglory and greatnefre, be- taufe that is corruptibleand fading, but this abideth forever. If thereforethou wouldn have.anycomfort from this fign, feehow the feedofgrace within thee, doth fo affe& and overpower thyheart, that thou cane notfin with willingneffe, content, no norcommit the ads ofgrofe fins, How canI do thisandfinite againff God? How can 1? and by this means you have a palpable difcoveryof many amongft'us, not yet tobe in the ftate ofgrace ; How can I lie, fwear, deal un- junly, neglect Family-duties? Thou wouldit finde Inch a connraining andover- ruling power ofgrace,t hat thoucouldft not do it andmark if this impoffibility to