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Sa - c T. II. 'True Signs of Grace. 73 is bornofGod. The-molt genuine and unforced interpretation therefore is , to únderftand icnot univerfally, but according to thefubjeft matter, hefinnethnot, as one Who is ofthe Devil hisfather, he finneth not as Cain, all within him is not corrupted ; fo that hemakes finne histrade, his cullom and delight. The very oppofition makes this the meaning, I do not ground this oppofition upon the phrafeorcrt4cieacri./ as if thatdid alwaiesfigni fie more thenxr r "000,forIgrant thatthat phrafefometimes fignifieth no more thenbarely to fin, not de notingcu- ftomor delight, as Rom.. But my foundatio is upon thecontext, theoppofition Paul makes between a righteous andunrighteous man, in refped of the roots whence They are , and then from the fécond Propofition, which is thereafon why he finneth not, be- caufe thefeed abideth in him, by which metaphorically is meant the principle of gracewrought inhimby theSpirit of God, and that not only fo, for A_.iow had the feed ofgrace, yet finnedit away, but becaufe itspreferved by the Covenant of grace. This place is brought to prove perfeverance ingrace, and no ftrength ofwit bathyet been able toovercome it. The third Propofition is higher then the former, for it dochnot onlydeny the aft of fin, but the power of it. Nei- thercan he fin, viz. in the fence beforeexplained ; and the fourth Propofition is aground of thethird, becaufe he is born of God. Some make this reafon the fame with the former, but there feemethto be this difference, the one fignifieth that inward permanent principleofgrace: The other that divine refemblance of God which is in us by chis regeneration. The fishPropoGcion is, That this difference between therighteous andunrighteous about fine es afirefign, Whereby thegodly man is manáfeffedboth to leimfelfand others that he eá godly. Thatan oppofition againf and abfiinencefrom fin is afirefign, by Which a manmay obrero. be perfreaded thathe is in theflare of Grace. For there canbenobetterfign to difcover principles by, then their proper incommunicable a/Rions; thus we difcover fire. by burning; a rational life by fpeaking, now ofall aftions, this is moll connatural to the permanent habit of grace to encline us to loath and abhorre thofe things that are deftruaive to the natureof it, which is onlyGnne : but becaufe we mayeafily be deceived about this fign, for every'one that is afraidof fin, yea bitterly criethout ofit, and lea- veth it, is not yet regenerated. Therefore let us diligently confider how is is a fign.- And Firft, It is afign, When tee perceive a retied fixedfameofheart againfl fin. As How is is .a the reafon in the Text impliech ; Thefeed of grace abideth ina man, he is born li;n. of Gods now thefe expreïlìonsdo denote fomething in us by wayofa newnature, wherebywe have anenmity and hoftility, yea and irreconcilablenefswith fìeme ; As come creatures havean antipathy againft others;As on the contrary,he that is of the Devil, and fo bath a fixed root ofungodlineffe in him, he bath a conllant enmity andhatred againit godlinefs, and chofe that are godly, Why fo ? Be- caufe their works aregood, and his are evil, as ?ohnexpreffeth it on the contra- ry the godly.cannotagree and delight in evil, or evil men, becaufe their Wor/ij are evil, and hisgood; The ApollleRom.ta. cals it"nyvisc, hating finas bell it felt, and the exhortation is to call away their tranfgreffians, abjiçere not dcponere, becaufe of the loathfomneffe theyfee in fin; So then, let Pharaoh, let the Ifrae- lites in feveralcalamities bewail their Idolatries,- and fins againft God, yethere is no fign ofgrace, becaufetheir hearts werenot ftedfalt withinthem. Thefe were fudden tranfient motions not permanent principles, if thouwouldft take com- fort from thisfigs, do not judge ofthy felt by come fitsor feafons, but by the habitual inclinationofthy lout. God in regeneration doth firft change our na- tures, new mould us ; and from this fupernatural principle iffue gracious affirms. Secondly, Then is this afign, When there is anuniverfal repugnancyin every part a. ofamanagainftftn,not onlyin his realm andconfcience,but in hïoWill , jet-lions and L Whole