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Sacr.II. True Signs of Grace.). 79 ofit >but thathereby the per(on trotted may be better known tohimfelfiand to o- thers; In the fecónd place; we maydoubt how Davidcould lawfullypray tobeTem- pted, feeing our Saviours rule is topray, That godwould not lead ee (or calltttJot neinfers$,dòth better Anfwer Flows7yns then neinducaa) into temptation ; But that is to beúnderftood of the evilof temptàtion : fo as God fbouldwithdrawhis graceeither, internal, fubduing our corruptions, or external, reprcflìng Satan and all outward poweragainfl us. Thefe things thus explained , obferve, That it is a fareand comfortable fign of -race, When aman nwilting: to have hiefoalandAU within leeched6y God. That which here Davidprayeth for, Pfal.17. 3. he there acknowledgeth what God haddone , Thou1,4 pawingheart,thou haft triedow, and haft fennel nothing; which is not to be underftood as if David had no Drofs in him, (for thole words are taken from theArtificers that melt theirgold andGiver ) feeing Pfal. 19. He cryeth out , who can underhandhiserrors t cleanfe mefrom ferretfin,, But of total anduniverfal hypocrite; neither doth Davidfpeak this arrogantly, as prefumingof himfelf, but takes comfort from this in hisgrievoús troubles, as a teffimony that he belongsto God, lob alto in hiscalamities bathhisface and heart anfwering David!, 3o6 a3. to. When he bath triedme, lAd comeout like Geld ; fo that from hencewe mayfee, that a love and wiltingnefs tohave ourhearts lea rched by God, is loch a teaimony of the truth ofGrace, that it is a great bulwark in times of ,fed afffiflions : It is therefore worth the enquiry into the natureof thisfign ; for if the wifeman Paid evenof thefe petty outward things, Falfeweights are anabeminatiennnto the Lord, howmuch moreabominablemuff thole falfe ballances be wherein men through blindad a and felt-flatcerry weigh themfelves. in thefirs place. Let us confider howGod doth try, that fo we may perceive How many our willingnefstherein. And thefirth way is by his word, .Epb.r.a3.wbaefeeoer ways Gad tries dochmanife1t, modfo reproveevade light. Now theScriptures arelike the Sun,into men. whichGod put alllight, and ocher thingsthine with light borrowed from thence. Davidcommends Gods wordfor alight andlowborn tobù feet; and that bywbich he was forewarned from fin; and forthis profit comingby them, he commends them for precioufnefs and fweetnefs abovefine gold, and the loonycombe: See here atrue touchaoneofGrace ; thou fovea the word ofGod above any creatures in the world, not onely for thepromiffary partof it, but the difcovering part of it Icacquainteth thee with all the evil ofthy heart, and thywayes : It fpeaks bitter things againit pride, lulls, lafinefs, immoderate love of the world : It makes mean undone man; it will give me nocomfort in anyevil way, and therefore I canread it, and meditate on it with heartydelight, Hob.4. The word of god is quick, and powerful, drfcerning the intima, andthe Miniina,maß cep things of man, and the leap fins in him. As by the light of the Sun beams we fee the little motes, and flyes in the air, fo by Godsword fhininginto our hearts, we come to feemany things finfol and un- lawful, which wedid not perceive before: Oh then confider your (elves herein; do you love the word ofGod becaufe it findsout thy fins, never fpeaks any good to thycorrupt wayes ? doll thou pray, O Lord, let thy word (till enter with more light and power uponme? this is a comfortable fign ; but on the other fide, if thou art in a continual fearof the light, dares not look into the Bible becaufe it 1peaks againft filch and filch fins thou arcguiltyof , be afraid thou art not right. TertuliancalledHereticks Luciftega Scripturarum,theywere like Bats andOwls, they couldnot endure thelight ofthe Sun: And our Saviourfaith, The eheif hates the light, becanfe bu deeds areevil. Oh then take heed youwho have a leprofie of fin plainly appearing upon you t dochnot the wordof God meet thy drunken - nels, thy leas,thy oaths, thypride, asa Bearrobbed of her whelps : Oh thy foul Mutt needs hate the word of God , belaufe it is fo contrary to thee. A