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go True Signs of Grate. S E e T. IL 2. Afecond waywbere6y Cad proveth, ( and the fincererejoyce therein ) ss r: powerful% and fold (earthing Minißry, Which like thunder and lightening, makes the mountains to melt like wax, and the Hindes to calve in the fields , I mean the ftouteft and obltinateft finner, to finde his foul thereby in a fpiritual travel and agonie longing to be delivered. A gracious heart . loveeh that Mini((ry which like the wordofGod is a two edged (word in his heart, of which be can fay as thewoman, ofChrift, Ít bath toldme a& thatever Idid. 'ïhat /baking of heaven and earth which theProphet Haggai fpeakerh of, is the Ivliniftryof theApottles, and in the Hebrew is the word, from whence Bonarger cometh. Then areye like the Eagles young ones, Hrtneiros, whenye can look upon the fun beams : when light is not offenfive to your fore ryes. It wan a Ipeech infal- lible betray ingAhabs rotten heart, whenhefaidof the Prophet Micbaiah,I hare him, 6ecaufe healwate: leak! evil to me. You have juft caufe to fufpeft the found- nefs of yourhearts, when you delight onely ina lazy,formal, general,anddull mi- niftty : when you would have Prophets that thould ling onely Pleafant fangs, daub With untemperedmorter; encourage you, notwithstanding your fins you are in. And ifthis be a fymptome of anunfound heart, may wenot tay Hypocnfie bath fallen upon the hearts of molt inEngland, who rejoyce not in chose Minifters and Prophets that roule their confciencies, that trouble themfor theirfins, that would reform them from their fuperftitioos and prophancls? donot the faithful Minìlters ofGod meet with the lamehatred and oppofitionas the prophets did by 7ersfa. lam? and why is all this ? That ofour Saviour will answer it, The thief hates the light, 6ecatefe bis deeds are evil. Therefore is thy heart afraid , and unwilling to havea Ministry that (hall discover thyfins,becaufe thy Conference is full of Ulcers and fores : whereasnow if thou dide[f love tobe reformed, howwouldeft thou re- joyce in the light ofthe Minittry. The more fpiritual, powerful, operative, thou Weft finde it in thy heart, thou wouldeft biefs God the more : thou wouldeft cry out with thankfulnefs, OLord Iblets thee that light fhineth inevery dark corner ofmy heart : Oh let it [till be a miniltry, as if tome onely, CO mind me of my fins, to bring my iniquiresto remembrance. OLord,my heart doth not rage,nor rife againfi this light; it doth not hate,or rebel again[tit, but I let open the Gates of my foul to receivemore in. 3, The WorkofConscience withinou, that alfo dashprove m. God bath let upa light within us, andwhets this it enlightened by the word, then it makes a mans bretl'full of light. Now a faithful godly man, he loveeh this should be tender, a- âive,(peaking out of Gods word for everyduty, and againfievery fin.You fee the quicknefs of it in 7Javid, when-it's Paid, Hio heartfmotehim: and r john 3. If thy heart condemn thee, God ingreater then thyheart. Alas, ifthou within thy own felf judgett thyPelf to fin thus and thus, God dothmuch more. Try thy integrity :. art thou willing tohave a tender confcience, and an informed confcience? Dolt thou love tohear what that fpeaks out of Gods word? whether peaceor Duty, this is comfortable.But on the other fide,ifthou art a man that rebeleltagaintt the light of it ;wouldit fainput out the flingof it.; woulditbe glad to feelno such living thing inthy breafi, then thouhaft cause to fufpeft thy lelf: Oh it is to be feared that thereare many that give themlelves to tufts, and carnal pleasures, that fo they may put a foggymiff between this fin and them, Others digg into the world,labouring tobecomelencelefs, that fo there may be an eclipfe of this light by the interpofiti. onofthe èarrh, Others run to damnableHeretics, denying Scriptures, God,Hea- ven , Hell ; pleading for an univerfal falvationofall What are thete but refuges ofguilty conferences. It is true, wemull ditl:ìnguilh betweenour carnal concupi- fence, and confcience; between deluded imaginations, and confcience; between an erronious,and fcrupulous confcience, and a well grounded, and truly informed confcience ; and when we have done fo, we mull follow confcience as far as that follows the word. 4. God tryeth set by the illsminatiossáfbis Spirit, and urging conviflions thereby. Thus