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8 TrueSigns ofGntev. S a c T. IL genuitydoth he work in hischildren t Iftherefore aGodly man doth errany dan- gerouserror, it is withhimas in other fins; be doth not flatter hitnfelf; his heart is aptto finite him. Errarepoffnm Flaretieus a fe nolo, he will not be obftinate ; he is carnal tohave all things fearchedand tryed ; whereas it is the nature ofHypo- critic tomaintain thofe pofitions which are for profit, and felf-intereft, againft all light. Arenot the Pharifees a fad initarce for this , who though they bad no jolt ground tooppo(e our Saviour,yet becaufeCbtifts way was deftruábve to their ap_ plaufeand.credit ;wAhentheycouldnotfaitlyanfwer, they would fouly blaf- pheme : Whereupon our Saviour chargeth them with blafphemy against the Holy Ghoft. 2. In matteraf receivedworfhip,andtraditionalferviceof Qod. Although it be worfhip that can plead cultotn from prefcription many year;, commendation of the univerfalityof learned men; yet anheart truly liocere , delretb to have all thingsexamined and proved out ofGods word : Cbriflfai4he was truth, not cu- ltome, as the Father obferve.d well ; and Chrift dyed not onelyto deliverus from our finfulwales, but the Traditionof our Ftthers, Mt: 4. Youmayobferve the carnal difpofition ofall men about anaccuflomed way inretying of(.od , in that woman of Samaria ; the preffeth the argument that all filly and ignorant people do now for any Superftition,Osr fatbersworfbipped, &c.but our Saviourinftrudteth her aWorfhipping Godinfririt andtruth, which thebefore was wholy ignorant. of. Therefore in this natter a man maydifeover much integrity ofhis heart,where- as ifany be thus affected, Icare not what Scriptures you bring , I hearken not to What Arguments arefetched out of Gods word, it is plain this man carnally adhe- rechto his own imagination, and is not willing to be fearched: As that Papift, Cornelius Ma ffxe laid, Ifa thoufand Auflins and Chryfofiamet faidtkm anddrhsrs,he garednot,bewould believe what the Tope laid. 3. This iteminently dfcovered inmatter ofprallife. Although a man bath been addicted to finful waits ofpleafpre,profit,or any advantage whatfoever,yet a_llthofe things that he accounted gain, afterwards he will judge lofsfor Ghrilts fake. Paul though much engaged ina way againft Chriltianitic,yet when once wrought upon, Heconfultethnor withfiefhand blood,Gal.r. He confidersnot any carnal reafoning, hut appliethimmediately, and that without any limitation, to Gods commands, Lard what wile thou have we todo ? (faith he :) He givethup his heart as a blank, let God write down what he pleafech. Thus Elam, tuppofingupon a falfe ground 7o6 tobe anHypocrite, doth give him excellent counfel, 70b 34. 3 1, 32. Surely it is meet to bePaidunto Cod, I baneborn chaftifernent, lwill *mine more. That which Ifec net, teach theta me ; and ifIhave done iniquity, I will do fo no more. Therefore herein mayft thoufee the truth of thine heart : cant} thou heartily fay,that which 1 fee not, teach thouwe, Neither profit, pleafure, or any confultation with flefh and blood (hall hinder me from mydutie. Whereasif you obferve the half-converfi. öns ofany to God, the lfraelitea,7ehu,many in theNewTeftáment, you (hall find they allflew back upon this ground, They confulted withflefh andblood. In thenext place let us confiderwhat are the effects of filch a gracious temper in theheart. And r. Where this is, it dothnot tactile or mitigate fin, but takes in with God e. gain(} its own fell. The Apoftle (peaking of the Corinthians repentance, acknow. ledgeth their zeal , fear, and indignation, and revenge againft them (elves. Sao n Car, a t. If we would judgeour/eelves,wefhould not be judgedof the Lord. a. Nat refling upongenerals, butparticularly applyingmattersofDuty. The Pro- phet 7eremiab complaineth, no man faith; What have I done ? The young man comforted himfelf well enough in the general, till our Saviour in particular tryed him,and thenhe went awayforrowful: particular applicationsand difcharge of duty, will tey,asthe jealoufewater did thefufpeded woman. A manmay(peak and preach for godlinefs inthe general,but when it comes toparticulars, becannot abide