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S B C T. I L True Signs of Grace. 8d ThusGod provethus, and makesus wknow what we are , and wherein we fails john 16.Thefpirit of 9dconvincethòffin,andofrighteournefs ; and we are for- bidden to quench the(firit a a metaphor (asforte lay) from the fire in the Tempie that was not to beput out. And again it is the charafter of the ffiffnecked 7ewes, as fitted for deftruftwn,that they alwaies refitted the fpiric of God. If therefore thou woaldeft have comfort from thisfign , confider how the illuminations and motions of GodsSpirit arecherifhed, and nourished by thee. As foon as the cock croweth, doesí thougo out andweepbitterly? Is not thé Spirit ofGodgrieved, and imbittered by thee.? Oh, though theybe dear, and pleafant, orprofitable fins, yet theSpirit of Godconvinceth theeofthem, makes thee forfakethem : anddoeft thou rejoyce under this work ofGods Spirit upon thee ? Doeft not thou refits and rife up againfl it? Oh, (beloved) deeply weigh this. Though it may be there are Tome fotwinifh and beaftly, that thefpirit of God never moveth or worketh in them : Yet there are others who are not yet forfaken byGod, but in the miniftrie he[sands at thedore, andknocks ; hebeckens unto thee to come unto.him. Oh, now is God provingthce,examining thee. Now is hetrying thee, if truthbeinthee thou wilt be glad in this work ofGod upon thee, and defire!till more and more burning,and thining light within thee. 1. Godtryeah, whenby his providence We are put upon many duke:Andcom- mande, which it may beat other times didnotconcern too. Thus God examined4- braham by a command to offer 'tap his onely fon IAA, Thus God tryed the youngman , who had great confidence in himfelf, by that perfonal coin- mand,torand fell all he had andto follow him.Now times ofperfecution, arecóm. monly inch times of tryal : Whether thenwelove Father ormother, houfes or i'hil- dren, or lives themfelver, better thenhim ? Thus the fecondkindof Ground-[ that had an hopeful sprouting, was,gnickly difcerned to have no root when the' fun strafe. The veflelsfoundnefsistryed inthe fire a The Mariners skill in a florin ; The trees in a windytempefl. Inwinnowing all the chaff flyeth away.There is a com- fortable place to theGodly, Zach. 13.9. godpromifeth hewill refine them a gold by their af(filiiont, they thall only lote their drofs. 6. And this it the fixewayof Taal, viz. When God brings to under by eháflife- meurs. This traanifefleth what mectal we are of. t Per. 5. y. The tryal of theGod= ly bythofe troubles, is laid to be more excellent then thaw[ thegold in the fire-, be- caufe that is perilhing, and this abidethfor ever. Hence afflittions are onely called Temptations,and not (-mercies, though they many times difcóver what we are. Now indeed,we arenot topray to God that Godwould afuift us, that he would bring as into the fire; but when he doth it, we are to make this advantage , The Lorddab* to humble xe , and tryme, to what se in our hearts ; whether we will remaisscont'cantand faithful useo him: Therefore we do not defpife the al- flietion, ormurmur againfl God ; but tejoycethat this purging ofus, makes usto bring forthmore fruit. Agodly ;nail As God ufech theft feveral waies toprove us,and the foul of a Godlyman is rea- gives up him: dy herein, fo in theft threecafes efpecially doth aGodly man giveup hiinfelfto ttc self ro beeza- examined. mined,provedi Fira t,: matters ofDoürine:AlehoughHercfie may be meetly in matter of Con- Efpecially, fcience and Opinion, yetfor the mollpart,carnal principles and motives areinter. Y' woven therewith; nowa Godly man having a right underl1anding how obnoxi- ous he is to Errors, and fubjeftto blindnefs inevery thing; andhow deceiptfull his heart alfo is,precendingfor God,when indeed it is for nothing but felf,is therefore more readytohearken to alllight and reproof: As thefpiric of GodBoth lead into Truth, fo it dock: alto at the fame time affa t with muchmodally and humility. It is good to obferve the excellent temperament of Paul, a Cor. 7. in determining thatcafe ofconfcierice about marriage to the Corinthians; His expreffion`s=gee not I, but the Lord; and fthink I bave the lit*of God. The fame candor and in. M genuity