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106 Fu/re SigntofGrace: SECT. I I I. Lion the HI fin was common : In thefe latter times, I fear the latter doth over- `. flow. The Remonitrants, they fay, that the doihine which theProteftantsdeliver about the Sacramentsis valeafillpeeistgreatly futpe ced by them of falfhood. And the Socinians they make them' only commemorative-of fome former mercy : they deny any real! exhibition or encreafe ingrace thereby. Hence it is their expreffion, As, fay they, when the Ifraelites in eating of the Pafchall Iamb, made thereby a commemoration of their deliverance out of /Egypt God did then beftow no newmercy on them, only there was remembrance ofthe old; fointhe Lords Sup- per there is no newconveyanceofany grace,but a remembrance of an old former mercy,bat this cometh too fiaort s for chofe Scripture-expreilions r Cor. a o. The bread that webreak, is it not theCommunion of'the bodyof Chrifl, &c. and in the very words of the inflitution,rake, ear, ehú ismy body, do evidently prove more then a weer commemoration. The Scripture whenmenare apt to rat uponSacraments, fpeakscontemptibly of them ;YourFathersate Mannaand died, Ciressmcifionpro. frteth nothing.he.thar eatetb unworthily eatetbdamnationtobimfelf: but when it re- garde the inftatutioa and proper aft of them,- and not the fubjeft receiving them, then it fpeaks glorioully. Theft things are premifed bywayof explication and . caution. Why people In the third place let us confider why people are fo apt to rat upon thefe as are foapt to- comfortable «rtimonies, and there are feverallreafons. raft upon a. Becaufe they being duties commanded, Whenperformed, thatgivesforme cafe and Church-pri- comfirt to a 'sword(confeience; To be circumcifed was Gods command, Tobe ba- viledger.. ptiz d, to hear hisWord, to receive Sacraments are duties injoyned by God, fo r. that the verynegles of them is threatoed with condemnation; now then when They give eafe we arediligent to dilchar a all thefe, a mans -confcience bath not fo much to ac- to a naturall g g confcience. Cafe him and condemn him, andwe are apt to takeany partiall eafeand comfort of confeiencefor a generali acquittance. a. Weare opt toref! in thefethings beeaufe theyare ease to be done: Whereaselse a' wayofmortification is troublefonìe and tedious to fleflaand blood : Hence it'scal. Bemire théy are eafie to be led crucifying thefieth andturfing offthe right band and pulling out the right eye. done. TheJews would bring multitudeof facrifices, They would kill many bullocks and rains ratherthen any lofts. They would not facrificethemlelves or chile tufts, yea, they proffered their 6rff- 6ein,when yet they wouldnot leave their fins.Ohbeloved, the duty of mortification and powerful! godlineffe is an hell to fklh andblood: Cbridlianue eft perpetuanatura violentia, and therefore few, fet on that ; whereas tocome to Church, tohear, to pray, the-te ate done without much trouble. Every natural! man had rather perform a thoufand religiousduties, then crueifie'one pleafantor profitable finne : Oh then fee upon what Tandy foundationsyou build all your hope,whofe lives are not fanótifled;K ho are ft rangers to the power of god. lineffe, yet flay yourfouls with externall religions duties. 3. Therefire meirefl upon thef :becaufe they areignoraníof the Work andnecef- 3' ty ofregeneration o You fee Nicodemue an old man, much vetted in the religious oft ¡ono_ worfhi of God, yet thou ha matter in ¡free!, knewnot this thing. Oh it's to -be rant of the p g f a' .cork of regir- feared there are many great.Seholass, there are many ancient, noble, rich Chrifli- neracion ans, that yet are hangers to the whole inward work of Gods Spiritby way of change upon them. The Apoffle cals ciresemcifionof the heart, circumcifion made without hando ; and,to baptifsn and the Sacraments in eke heart,. whichire notviti. ble in the eke of the world, make us efteemedbefore God. Be not then idol Chri- Hans that have eyes andfee not, hearts and underhand not the inward venue and fpirituail efficacyof Chrift is his Ordinances. It was Cbryfofiomes complaint in hisdales, Suini mios ono.rai iiotmeios &c. Alas, how are all the graveand holy Or- dinances in the Church of God turned into meet outfìdes and formalities ! Thus in Popery when teaII holincife began to be pertecuted, then they fet up a deal of fu- perltitious imbue fie, holy Images, holy Altars, holy Temples, holy veftments, and in the mean while, true, reali bolineffe was fcorngd : and here is coo much of