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S e c T. I I I. - . Falfe Signs of Grace. I o7 of this Pope iu the belly of many .formats Proteftants. 4. Theyput confidence in them becanfe they are ignorant of the righteonfneffe by 4. faith in ChrifI. There is nt man but the godly that looks for any ju(lification, but And of : Le by the workshe doth, and fo they turn the Gofpelinto the Law, and make the r'ghteouf: :ïs. duties andadminiltrations under the Gofpel, what theJews did the legali admini- by faith. orations in theLaw:Yon cannothave a clearer inftanceof this then inPae l,Phil.3. hegiveth in a catalogue of many priviledges, and hefaith, he thought them great fain to him once,butafter he came to the knowledge of the righteoufneffe by faith in Chrift, hecounted themdoll and droffe, anddefred to be found in Chrift o111y. The Apoftleufeth anexcellent expreffìon, Feb.4.18, fpeaking of the godly and theirconfolationintheCovenantofgrace, he faith, they have fledfor arefrsge to lad holden this hope. Every godly man is in as much fear of his tinge, whole gu lc' by vertueof the Law purfueth him, as among the Jews the man was that had {lain another t Nowwith what halle, tremblingand delire he fled to the C icy ofrefuge, thefame doch agodly manufe in laying hold on Chrills righteoufntfíà : Alas, his duties, his religious wenfhip, it is not a Cityof refuge : If therefore thou kneweft the necefïityof Orift, and whatrighteoufneffe by faith means, thou couldlt not reff in thefe externall duties. S. Therefore menre anthem becaufe they look on thefthotel at ¡tisfaálory and y compennear] to Ged. We thinkby thefe ordinances we havemade amends to God. Beca,de rh_p It is Bellarmines doirine, that praier as it is laboriof and pcenali ,undergoneas a lookatdu:ics laboriouspenance, iseompenftoryroGod. Now though the doetrineof Popery be asforsfido. renounced, yet unregenerate perlons abound in the praiticeof it. Laftly,Therefredo seawall people rely on thefe, becanfe they miflake the nature of 6 them. They look upomthem as thole things which will of themfelves make them Becaufe the; acceptable to God, notwithianding any preparation or fpirituall managingof miflakc the them : whereas letting afde the Wordof God that works the firll grace inu', all nature of the;c other duties they are but ascloaths orgarments to thebody, whichcannot warm or heat adead body; but if there be life in the body to heat them firft, then they will encreafe the heat. And thus it is here, if there be fpirituall life in thze, and thou put it forth in their duties, then chete duties will corroborate and lirengthen it more. We come to the fecond generali part of the Dolt ine, toPhew, That the ha- That they ors viral and enjoying filch feat is not fig. fire enough for our being in the flute of no (inns of grace. grace. And firft That they are nor,mayappear, in that the Scripture mast it not only Arp, . pofble forfnch to be damned, but cloth foretell even aláua/! damnation ; and that to thegreaterpart offilchperfons, Thus V slat. 7, fome condemned at that great day The Sad rnre arebrought in thuspleading, Havewe not eat in thyprefence i' The Jews will fay to nation to rho- in refpeftof their facrifices, the Chriffians in regard of the Lords Supper, fo that greatéil pare it is a wonder to them that they are callout ofGods prefence, and howfoever in offuch per. the parable of the great Fall theMailer of she Feaft fpieth out but one that came foes. inwithout a Wedding garment, for which he is "apprehended and calf into utter darkneffe, yet that dochnot imply few only will be without a Weddirg garment, though at the Frail; for isthat one is reprefented an univerlall or multitude; Thereforeour Saviour makes this inference, for mayare calledbut fiw are chofen, which would be a conclufion wholly repugnant to the premifes, had not a gene- rality been intended in that oue; foour Saviour in another place, The ehile'ren of the Kingdom jhad be raft out; whoare thofe children of the Kingdom, but inch that were partakers of all the Ordinances of the Church called the kingdom of heaven i' Oh then it is in vain to pleade that, which many damned in hell have been partakersof. And whereas if truegrace be in anyman, though in the leaf} de- gree, he cannever be excluded;none canfay,Lord didwe not truly fear thy Name, reformour lives, walk fpiritually ? and yet Godbid themDepart, be knoweth P a them