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SECT. M. Falte Signs of Grace. If; crelt to knowwhen or dnties areperformedbyenflame meerly, and tokenby Sandi cationoff °. In prayer it is hard to difcern when its the Gift ofprayeronly , and when itsthe Grace ofprayer alto ; for thefe thingsare judged by the Spiritual manoaely; he is raid to lodge aßtbings. But nowanunregenerate man, though a- bounding.in thefe gifts ofGods Spirit, yetbecaufe heis altogether carnal, he can- not make any fpiritual difcerning of there things: but as fenfual bruitifh men, they argueGod loveth them,and that they are in the favor of God becaufe he bleach them withwealth, andoutward profperity. Thus men ofparts and abiti- ties iii religious things argue; ifGod did not love them, if ,he intended to damn them,he would never givethem Inchknowledge, he would never give fach allift- anee, but this is a meer delufion. Oh there is as vafl a difference between thy Du- tiesperformed through aflìftance meerly, and through San ftification,as is between fweet Grapes and wilde Grapes. Thirdly,Thereforewedo tale theft for(tirefigns,becaxfehereby is demonftrateel gods power in ex, andwe are ready to take hisprefence by power, for hie prefence of Grace. When weperceive inour Pelves a greaterarength then ourown,we argue thatGod is with us,notonely providentially,but gracioufly,whereasehefe twoare feparable one from another:God waswith Saxl by wayof aflïftànce & power,when he gave himanother fpirit,but nor by wayofgracious inhabiradon.There is no qutllion but Chriftspower was with 7udae inhis miracles, as well aswith the other Apoftles ; but with Jndat was only a prefence of power, with theother Apoftles, aprefence ofpower andgracious Saniification : fo then, Godmay be much feenby his af- frttance inthyDuties, in thy Prayers, in thy Preaching : but his pretence in morti> ficationoffin, and vivification to righteoufncfs is far more admirable. It is true, the timesofthe Gofpel, and of its Truth is in Scripture, provedby this argument, becaufe many wonders and fignswere done amonyfl them; foe fo it was promifed, That Miracles fhouldJolene' in the time oftheMena!, t but thefe are no fore de- monftrations of the Spirit dwellinggracioufly among us. So thendiligently confi- der thus, Thou fiedelt Godmuch with thee : thou feeltft thou couldit not do fuch things as thou doff ; but here is no folid ground of comfort, unlefs thou difcover. eft a furtherpowerful work of his Spirit, which is in giving theean holy,humble, believing,andfelf.denyingfpiric. Oh its far more comfortable to find Gods power melting thy heart for fin, quickening theeup to holinefs, then to finde ten thoufand enlargementsin holyperformances; It isbetter to lee and feel God in thy converfation in the wales of mortification, then in any Intern Religious duty. Fourthly, Therefore we refl on theft, beeaxfe the dilingnifl, not between that which wSpiritual in thedyed, or matterwe do, and that which is Spiritual in the manner how we do it. As forExample , ThePharifees, many things they did were Spiritualfor the object matter : Thus their prayers, their readingand expounding the Scriptures, were fpiritual imploiments, but take themfor the manner how they did it, which was to be feesofmen, toadvantage worldly interefts and no rúbli- cans, or Harlots weremore carnal then they, fo that the properdream' and chan- nel, whereinall their1piritual defilement did empty it feif, was in their religious duties,to that -theyweremolt carnal, when they teemed aloft Spiritual. f No afro is a clear inftance, ifyou refptit theoutward matter; his reformation from I dola- try, his etlablilhing the worfhipof God, all this was wonderful Sp ritual ; but withallcon&der,that hisaimswere meet State-Policy inall he did, and fo he Was very carnal : confider therefore ofthis more then thou hall done : itmay bethou waftnever more frnful ; corruption did nevermote dileover it felt thenin thy Spi- ritual abilities and imployments. `Pan/faith of fotne , That they preached Chrifl out ofenvy, andothersmay doit out ofworldlyends:' now becaufe the Duties ate Spiritual, fhall we fay thefe menare Spiritual men No, they are fenfual, corrupt , and worldly : and this is certain, when the Divel cannot perfwademen tocorrup- tions in vicious and peophaue coartes a then he becomes likean Angel of light, and 4.