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114 Faife Signs if:beta. S a c r. III. and feduceth than to carnal ditkempers in lüritual duties. 5 Fiftly, Therefore are weprone to rely oti thefe,becgufethey breedefleemin theheart, of other,. Many times Difeiples that are followers, they let upa Dottoror Tea- cheras ifhe were an Angel : they place him among the Cherubim, and Seraphim,: they fay by his gifts and abilities, their fouls have got a World ofgood : they have caufe to beefs God that ever they taw him, or heardhim : Now thefe folemn ac. elamations fromothers, dowork great confidence infuch amans heart. I make no questionbut a manòfabilities maydo good by them , although he himfelf be naught; otherwife the Apottlewould not have rejoyced that forcepreachedChrifi oat ofenvy : neither would Chrift have remittedhisDifciples to the Scribes and PharifeesMini(try as he did, when he bid them hear themas long as theyfate in Mo- lt,We chair,deliver true Dotitrinefrom the Scriptures. Now thisbeing fo, it is hard topeefwade ourfelves that when we havebeen a means to bring in tome Eleft ones, we our felvesshould be as Reprobates : hence it is that the Apoftle, Gal. 4. preffeth men fotowalk, That theymay bave approbation from Cod and their omm confcience,, rather thenfrom others,when it is laid, Thatthofe who convert other, to righteeofrefs "hallJbine1tke theHartinheaven , that is to be underffood taking m other places ofScripture , viz. If they be Godl bandwalk inall the wuies of God themfelvea,ae w.i7 ae teach othersfo to do. Thus you fee the reafons why people are apt to take all their evidences for Heaven from thefe uncertain grounds; now let us demonitrate the infuffi, ciency of theft to give any follid fupport : and this, will appear feverall wales. a. In that ailtheft glorious abilitiesare , andmay be confiflent in the fame fob jaiat thefame time,with prophaneanduxgodly waits ofiniquity. Now can you call thatlight whichagreed: with darknefs ? Can that be righteoufnefs, which may confilt withunrighteoufnefs.? You heard, Hethat is born of Cod ftnnetb mat, he. caufeof thatfeed in him. Then certainly this is notthat Spiritualfeed, ifwe have,or may have at the fame timean habitualinclination to evil. It is true indeed, fantti- fying grace is in the fame fubjeet with the reliques of co eruption ; and a Godly man hash darknefs inhim as well as light : and weknow in Philofophy, that Con. trariapafantfmelefeix gnatsremiffo,ac Manfont in pugna, contraries may be together in a remits degree, and while they are inconflill ìBut in thefe fpirituall abilities andgifts, finmay bein its dominion and prevalencie with full quietnefs and eáfe, Henceour Saviour calls thefe Prophets, thefe wonder-workersWorF- er, of iniquity. They were fo atthat very timewhile they did all thefe : alas, it was no advantage to cast the Divel out of other mena bodies, while he had full polfefon in their ownbeats. Know then if theft abilities were Grace, they would expel at lealt in force degree, all thole lulls andexorbitances that arc in thy life. Experience telleth us, that it is no new thing for men topray zealoully , to performduties admirably, and yet to go from theft duties to the committing of (in againff thelight ofnature, as well as ofthe Scriptures. Did not ÿndae prattle fecreotheeveryand injuffice, notwithltandinghis publick mini(iry? It is true, ma.. ny times God in juBjudgemenr,when men live prophanely,doth at latt take away theirTalents : they cannot pray, they cannot preach as they have done ; but they become very fots: even as inthe black Coal. mine there fometimes arife fuch damp vapours that putout all the, light, yea, and the breath of thefe men that are in it; but for a great while they may keep their Talent, and it not be taken a. way, 2. 71efe cannot be a Are teflimony for our comfort , becanfee they are not praper and immediate get", ofeleflion, which It the firfl round in that ladder of all ¡iritualmercies. If I have jellifying faith,) may have lure coafidence,becaufe this is a fruit dourordination and appointment toeternal life. But we cannot fay thus of theft parts and abilities; for the Text faith,Many Jbaüfa),havenot we praphefiedin ohs, name,yet Chrilt!hallreply,/ floor kaawygs:bat there (hall not one godly man