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AMR 176 Falfi Signs ofGrace. SEcr. fòme then in others ;. foam areBabes, or hers areMen forceare fl rang, others areweak Andas roe(Forein part, fo beingalfo ftnétifiéd. butin part; hence by different opinionswe makefeveral faFtions, One is of Paul, another of Cephaa. And we are apt to monopolize piety, to inclofe it infuch a way. None godly, but thofethat are of fuch a judgement ; and indeedif we (peak of fundamental Doetrines, this were lawfull, but inother matters that arefuperftruftions only, it is unlawfull. Thus thePapift, hemakes it, De neceftate faltetie , fubeffe Ro- mano Pontifici. Theveryrefuting his fuperiority, is madea fign fore enoughof damnation. . 4. There is Fourthly, There is great difference betweenDoïlrincsthat arefundamental, and bbetwee,, othersthat are.notfo. In.that they art called fundamental, it's evident there can etween Fun_ dameutal Dc- be no falvation, ifthey be denied. The Scripture cals fuch truths zAµ;>,rm and &tines and rro;e;e foundationsand elements ; In whichfenfe becaufe the Jews accounted the others. legal obfetvationssotxciu foundations, neceflary to falvation , the Apoftle cals therh beggarly, aid elements oftheworld, becauie of their pride and ambition in maintainingofthem ; now there are Doetrins that are fundamental to faith; fuch is the Trinity, Incarnation ofChrift : Others that arefundamental to holi- nefle, andothers that are fundamental to the worfhip; and it is a damnable thing obftinately to deny any of thefe. Of fuch opinions as thefe the Apatite Both not fpeak inthis 140 Chapter, asChryfoftome well obferveth ; noof fuch the Apofile fpeaks, Ifan Angelfrom Heaven bringany other Dolhrine , let him be anAnathema. But th reare opinions that are accefaries not principles, that are not articoli or,main pa is dale body,and offuchproperlywe may fay,The king- dom of GodBothnot confi S. It is a great Fifthly, Although it be rìò7 a neceJfary demonfiration ofgodlinefe, yet it is agreat mercy to be mercy ofGod to be orthodox, oats be kept in the rightfaith. Hence all errour and kept orthodox. ignorance is defcribed by thename darkneft, as truth is by light, to thew how dreadful) theone is, andcomfortable the other is ; Thetruth of God is fo great that weought to totemic. lives for it. YeaChrifts death, though as itdid refpeft Gods¡unite, itwas inadetova Propitiatory, yet as it did refpeCt men, and the good confeffron offaithhe made, it wasP.QT;e<cv a Martyrdom. Henceare thofe expreflions, To contend carne¡fly for the faith, Jud. 3. Not fo much as to bid God fpeed,to him that bringethfalfe Doflrines, aJohn to. Èence alfo as a tlorious.gifr, is the Spirit of Godpromifed to teachus the truth, John 76.13. Yea it's made the comfortable priviledge of the Elea., that though falfe Prophets íhall prevail much, yet they (hall not deceive theFlat, that is, totally and finally ; and when the Apoftte fpake ofthe Apoftafe.of Hymenanand 7'hilems, headdeth by way of comfort to the godly, Neverthelefe thefoundation of the Lord flandeth fare., knowingwho ís his. Bleffedtherefore is that man whole heart is kept in- a conti- nual fear and trembling aterrors and falle wales, aswell as at iniquities and un,. godly praa.ices. 6. The -lean Sixthly,Take this Caution in the laft place, That although the life ofReligionand truth ought godlineffe lieth not inevery truth, yet We ought not to defpife or contemn the leaf) truth notto be con- os den it. Paul wirhfloodPeter to theface, inanerror that didnot teem fo great; or de- y Hied. in Pantyou have an example ofzeal, and in Peter of patience to bear it ; fort Genus gnoddam non ignobile eft Martyrii, reprehenfortcmpatienterferre, It is a kind of glorious Martyrdom to receive a reproof patiently. Even the Ieaft.truth is fo precious, that Chrilhfaith, Heaven and earth(hallfooner paffe away, thenone iota or tittle ofhis word. Though truth for the matter ofit may Teem little, yet becaufe it is the truth ofthe great God,therefore itought not tobe negleiled;fomehave called every truth fo far forth asit comestubemade known fundamental , as ifa man would neceffarily be damned if he did not receive it. But certainly truth is called fundamental, not from themanner ofrevelation, or means of Knowledge, Why Doetrins but fromthe nature and ufe of it though never In the next place, Confider Why DoFlrinetf though neverfo excellent and trot' are fo true, (o'c. not