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S E c T. I II. Fal(è Signs ofGrnee. 131 ever Cafetan and-7anfenitu take the words Holy ghatb eflentially, asif:itwére, to be underftoodof blafphemy againft God, and fo any ofthe Perfons.becaufe iits {po- ken oppoficely, and by wayofdiftindionunto a fin againft the fonofman yetitis more ordinarily underftoodof the third Perfon, yet not as the third_Perfonr but as it is his proper workto enlighten or fanétifie. Therefore as wemu!î take heed we do not embrace Diabolical delufions, for the fpirits Operations , to alfo taikeheed ofcalling the[pints Operations, DiabolicalSuggeftions ; and this efpecially con- cerneth fame of Godsone children, who will not takenotice of the .graces of Gods fpirit in themfclves, but rejeâ all as hypocrdy and falfhood :: knowthatió this thou calleß good evil, and light darknels hence the Schoolmen make defpair one part ofthe finspina theHoly,Ghof, becaufe unbelief doch immediately. op- . pofe the fpirit ofGod comforting and fan ifying ofthee. Be thereforeafraid how thou deniettGods work in thy foul, this is a greatertin then thou thioke(t of:indo- ing fo. ; ,r:' Thirdly , TheDivel is gods Apr, and imitates him in all tho fe reaies er,- orjbip that Godhath appoiated.Hence there hathbeen no true wayof God at anytime, bur ;. there hath alto been a counterfeit way of Satan at that time. How wonderfully The divcl af- was efus Chia demonftrated tobe the fon of God by figns and miracles , yet fitito imitare J Godinall his ourSaviour himCelflaid, There fbeuld be manyfalfe Chrifl.t:. fo :here are falfe Pro- phets , and falfe Apolties, all whichdid boaltofthe fpirit, and that they had re- ceived doctrines from Chrift: Some learned menfay, The hif$ory ofApollonius Thyaneus with his llrange wonders, was writ enpurpofetoobfeure Chri(fs wonder- fn(dfges, Salm. Tract. a. devirtue fignorun Chrifli. a Theft 2. 2.The Apoltle ca- hotteththebelievers, Not tobefbal!ninmindeabout the day of Chris s'coming neither faithhe, By letter or word, as porn its, nor by the //Brit. Some there were that told the Church they had Revelations, and fecret illuminations at Gods fpirit about this : a (or. 11.13. There arefalfe r ipofíle transforming themfelves into the Apofilesiof Chrifl; and nomarvel,for Satan himfelf is transformed intoan An- gel oflight. Thus wherefoever that C or the Spirit is in the Church of God, Satan bath his juglings and cofenings t and therefore as God is laid to have his laden, deep things, fohave they thedepthsof Satanalto. Fourthly , There dilationsof Satanmay be, andare at largeas the works ofgods 4; sÿirit. The (pint of God, is the Ipifit ofTtttth,and leadeth into all Truth : Now Delolions Satan bath hisdelufons aboutDollrines: hence come all. thole Herefies in the Satanaeas Church ofGod: AsChrifthathhis A oftles,andPa(lorsinhisChurch, To build lar;easthe to in the mo holy Faith;fo the Divel path his falle A oftles; and Iris.Ir, ruments o `vOka of the P 7 F f Spirit. dar(nefs. Again the fpirit of God is oar comforter, and joy is a proper fruit ofthe Holy Ghoft : Now the Divel by delufions and fuggeftions, can fill theheart with umchtonfolation : hence he is called an Angel of light. Now light in the Scripture, fignifaeth not onelyTruth, but joy and gladnefs : whence have chafe joys and confolations flown,which have been in thofe that have been manifefily in Satans waies, but from Satan ? Again the fpirit of God doth perfwade, and im. bolden theheart bybelieving againtt all difcouragements whatfoever. Thus the Dive! alto doth imbolden, and harden a man ina falfe way, that he hath no fear at all. Hence the Divel is laid To fillAnanias his heart : that is, as learned De Dens fdaeweth by a parallel placeout ofEcclefiafies, ebftrmedandmade his heart andaci. etas : fo that as in the Godly there is, orrsipcpoerx i iss=ue fo indeludedmen there is tornpoeoeíaom epaett , Their Spirits and hearts are railed, and fitted for bold- ncfle ro any falfeway. Laftly , The l iris ofgod dothforetell things that are to come:And this is proper-, ly toProphefie : and this the Prophets did; Agahoes andothers in the NewTefta- ment. Now the Divel altomay ule his inftruments to foretel fomcthing to come: not that ofhis own naturehe canforetel things to come,for fo it's Gods property; but by Revelation from God,God jufily permitting this for to punifh thole that !hall befeduced t thusthe Divel told Said what fhould befall him.And in the ftory. S 2 of