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y3z FaGfeSignrofGrace. SEcr.III. of theAnabaptitls in Manlier, when a Law was made , That aß' the Citizens fhould bring theirgoads into thecomm,a/lock, there were maids that could tell certainly howmuch everymanhad hiddenathome of his goods : Now this is like that of Ananias and Saphira i and this Revelation (very probably) was by the julajudgement of God madeto the Divel; for feting the Divel is an inf}rument to executeGodsJullice andwrath,whatthould hinder him from knosrie tha which Godonpurpofe imployethhim aboutfor the lodgement of oetotrs,Etrturantvr di- vinitaretedamfarm:tar divinatisnens. This is clearly confirmed, Lletst, r;. t, a. Where a falfe Prophet is laid, Tegive afig* or *ender, and the sign or wonder is fappsfed tocome to pals : So that falfe Prophets may byGods permfiion and Re- velation loretel route things to conic : but mark the reafon why God permits this, The Lordyear Goddash this to proveyoa. Oh therefore with what holincfs, humi- fity,.and cucumfpeélion ought the childrenof God to walk in the midst-of fech Delufions : In to much that it is called , È bryix à orlon The efficacie of de- ceiving, Fifthly , e.9s the Dive/in aChurch corrupted,anddefiled with Idolatry andSet. 5' err anon, dash there prevailb kimono Traditions , and Fatma of Will: worIbip, The datel acs whereby all f iri pr y comodareshis p tual woslhipping ofGod is wholly negleftrd i fo in times of ré- defignsto the formation,then he feduceth men in another Temptation , under the pretence of corruptions, Sc feting up the fpírit,and its revelations,it crieth down the word:of God, and all the a:Co Reforma- ordinary Mimflerial Officers Chrilì bath appointed. The fielt worthy Reformers, Church and glorious inftruments of God,.found a bitter conßift herein ; fo that they were exercded not onely with Formatitfs,and TraditionarySuperftitious Papifts on one fide, but men that pretended themfelves tobe moreenlightened, then the Refor- mers were,on the other fide: hence they paled thofe that did adhere to the fcriptare Sr would.try revelationsby ir,Vocalifas &Literif a$Leeteriffs &Vowaaifis,as men acquainted withthe wordsand vowels of the fcriptuse,having nothingáf thefpirit of God. And wherefoev r in any Town the true Dodhrineof the Gofpel brake forth to thedifplacing ofPopery, prefectly filchopinions, like Tares,came up a- mong thegood Wheat, whereby great divifrons were railed , and the Reformati- on madeabominable, and odious to the world ; as if that had been the Sun to give heat andwarmth to thofe Wormsand Serpentstocrawl out ofthe ground. Hence they inveighed againil Lather, and laid, Hehadonelypromulgad Cat nate E- vangelium, a carnal Go.fjirl, And that the ProteiìanrDodoes did onely Carna. tier / apere, by them indeed aligaatfiendesde eintichriffiaoifmo faccife, (edarborem radices adhuc fespereffe. They burnt all booksbut the Bible, and faid,That hap- py time Was come when all /hould'be taught of God. Many remarkable parlages I might further relate but this may fufñce to thew, That as the Divel in one time of the Church in thedeforma tionofir, dreeivetb by fupertlitious,pompous, and nibble worfhio t foat another time,inthe reformation ofir,dothhe delude by re- velations, andpretendedhigh Teachings of thefpirit ofGod, evensabove the Scri- pture. 6, Sixthly, That therefore we maynot fplit our felvesupon inevitable Rocks, God The wordof hark lofa no boo mordasaRule,byWhich allrevelatians, and operations of his fpirit God is the rule are to betryod, All the Scriptures are N olorasuootbyDivineinffiration; and there- by which the fore thebreathingsofGods fpirit, are to beexpelled in this Garden : and thole herSpirt are commands of attending to the Scripture only, and to obferve what is written, is a tobe tried. plain demantfration that Godbath tyedus tothe Scripturesonely : fo that as the child in the womb liveth upon nourilhment conveighed by the Navel cleaving to it, fo loth the Church liveonely upon Chriti by the Navel ofthe Scripture,through which all nourifhment is conveighed : Hence theApotfles Do&fine, though in- fpired by the HolyGhost, Tet was examinedby their hearer:, whether agreeable to the . Scriptures : And for' this theirzeal was commended t henceit is , That becaufe chefe erroaious perlons could not prove all their dogmatical affertionsbyfcri- pcure,chey accuse the fcripture asinfufficient and imperfect. As