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S á c r i&Is Fall? SlgnÍ e,FGkacee Iq3 the word tèvé, for to praifeor kindely to fpeakto a man; asthe Septuagint tome-, times do, C.iir. I. ,4. á Chren. i 8. itwill argue thathe was no hypocrite, and hereby we fee, that it is a Minifters duty yet love ndren encourage th le men, who though theyhave not the truth of grace,, > generall defrrca for heaven. He did not therefore.lie againft his coufcience, but yet he fpake that which was falfe, for he had not kept one of-thole Contmande- relentsperfetlly, asappearethby'thattryalfor exploratory precept Chrift puts him upon : only he knew no better : Hewasbrought up in ignorance about the fpi- rituali latitude and extentof the Law,, and fothought a meet ncgativeprnot do- ing grofl`e wickédneffe, tobe a pofitive keeping ofthe Law. Of. It is a verydifficult thing to drivean Unregenerate man out of thisfalfefirs _ o6 f of his good eftaté, viz. that he keeps the Cammandements of God. This Was the Many men erpwnrd,si: 'as Ìn thiswas the fundamentall mifcarriageof this greatman, that he thoughfatilÿ, had a confident perfwaiion of. his good citate, besaufe hedid no murder, hecom, et confident mitred no Adultery, be bare no fall mitneJJe againfl his'neighbour, Now fallly jlad- keth Go ìs Y ging this tobe all the LAW required, he concludeth:that inflate Chrift hath Come keepG tì; new and extraordinaryway about this; thefe matters are fo low and eerie, that' dementa. heobferved them alongwhile ago. Uponthis point was our Savioursgreateftcon- troverfie withthe Phartfees, who like Serpents, though they had a fine skin and , colour, yet inwardly were full of poyfon: and the great work that the Mil-niters of Godhave to do in their Congregations in thefe times, Is it not to thew to menthe pure glalfe of the Law, that they lookingtherein, may fee their defor- mities, and be wonderfully out of lovewith themfelves? Dothnot every man walk with thisPelf-damning principle, that his heart is good ?What would you have him to do more then he loth? Is?,he any Drunkard, Whoremonger ? and thushe pleafethhimfelf with an external) righteoufneffe, beingaltogether igno- rant of the pure and excellent'work'of regeneration, and from hence it is, that our auditors are filled with fomuch (tepidity and fectlrity, that it is a wonder to hear of a manor woman; Withfeaxandtrembling, expoftulating after, this man- ner The Law is fo fpirit:ulk, and%tta focarnall regeneration and a new nature is fo neceffary, but I am fo -plunged.in thatfinfull eftate and corruption I was born in, That I fear my felf, I quake at my condition, Oh for the Lords fake, help ye Miniftets by your.praiers and diree ions, that I may be put in a fafe. Way. Tor the clearing of theDoftrine confider, Whence men; Fir ft, whenceit ari/erb thatmeshaácfilch aftrong perfwafon of their goodlive!, thong perfwa- as atiafafiory tie gods Laro.'. Why is it that though aman by nature be indeed like ftous of their a ?ob, orLdtaruefuüof woundsandfares.: yeehe judge th bimfelf: like eslbfolam, eaxaûlivra altogether[air,matbotitasyblemifhat ail ? < - ariCe: And the firftground is igoareuer about eke.totall,deep,and univerfal pollution ofour r; gram iano natures, whereby this hath made all we are and all we dounclean c and ranee of Ilia in this tenie our Saviourtaith, the may callnonegood; for can we call any fpiders; cores poltuti any ferpènes,arerroadafweet ? foneithescan we call anyman good or holy. There- on. fore the Scripture thaettmay laya founda[ken for our prizing ofClara, Andopen oureyes to fee the necefiutyof regeneration, is very diligent and copious in aggra- eating this.narurall defilement. Paulida'deer inflame in this, Rom.y. hisheart was like a dungeon full of eo.itome andcrswlingvermin,but becaufeno light was ;W hisheart,therefore he didnot fee,orbeleebe this.Let me therefore expoftulate with thee, whopfeafeftthy felt in thy-!goodreftate : Isthy life as free from fin as the childenew born ? may nomore iniquity', be laid- to thy charge now, then could be to thee,when thou luckedit at thymothers..lte aft? yet, if no tnore,thouought- eft not to takeany content, or delightin thy felf, but to tremble and earneftlyto importune to be rrstn kted.from that darkneJJ'e into light : lay afide then thy high, and Pelf-flattering thoughts'; fay no more,thy good heart; thy.good meaning;thy good life, but cryout,unclran andanolean. Wo, wo unto tnei fir l am pollutedèn mi