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y 52 Falte Signs ofGrace. SBCi.III. led it Peffimumidolum mundi,theworft Idolin the world : and nowonder if they cry down the Scriptureas being a low form, feeingTome Anabaptifts have denied the humaneNature of Chrift,and called chofe Creaturißas,Creaturifis, that held it fo : even as fome complain that Chrift is made a form , and that we ought not to flay on him but go immediately to the Father. Howfo- ever thefe high things may feem to ravifh men, and put people in- toadmiration t yet they are indeed lowand falle things : do not thereforegrow weary of thefe plain Truths concerningfaithand regeneration, or thofe plain Ser- mons that reach this; forthou wilt fhortly come tobe weary of the Scripture it felf, as too plain and tocana thing: That as Come corrupt fancies have dildained theScripture (filch as Politian,and flußin once confeffedof himfelf) became there was not humane eloquence enoughin it : fo thefe naufeate the word of God upon another ground,as nothaving high and lofty Doctrines fit for their Eagle eyes. Therefore it is a mifetable thing to confider how fuch preachers , and people that are thus elevated up to cloudy things,do Torture and perplex Scripture, to fatten their abturd imaginations upon it : A las, the `scripture wasnot made for fuch cu- rious Aerial fpeculations t Let not therefore fuch goany longer a Tiptoe, as ifno Chriftian in all his glory were like to them, becaufe oftheir abftrufe conceptions: for they arehigher then others but as chimneys are higher then other parts of the houle, that carry awayempty, fmoaky, obfcure vapours. I amthe larger'upan this, becaufe it is a great part ofGrace to fit down contented with the plainnefs and fimplicityof Scripture, both formatter of it , and manner ofdelivery. s. Whenmen fecondextraordinaryfiri Way inWhich men fapport themfelves,is theundergo. fee up anenter- ingvolaatarypenalties,orbodily chaßifedaentsforßnnspaß, or fetrîng upon exter. nalfevere dif- nalauferedifcipline, toprevent finto come. The Apoftle defcribeth fuel: , Col. Z. ciplineaver 22, 22, 23. where he (peaks of bodilydifcipline, as having a there ofhunsility , and thewfelves. neglelling ofthebody ; then he explainetli the manner how this negleft was de- ( monlrated, viz. by feveral precepts, Touchnat, raft not, handle not. Judicious CalvinBoth think there is a gradation, and that fupedfition grew higher,andhigh. er: thereforeby the Lift command Touch nor, he underftands according to .the Scripture ufeof the word fometimes Eat not, the Antecedent being put for the Confequent : fothat their fuperitition, fwelled higher and higher : Firft, Eat not , then Taßnot, which is more; thennot fo much as handle, which is higheft of all: But what account doth the Apoffle make ofall theft, in which tome put the tub- ftantials ofReligion ? ' Trudy,.nothing at all, in that he calls them Rudiments of the world ; and fuch as argue men not alive with Chrift. Whereyou may obfetve, That our fpiritual refurreaion withChrift , doch not onely raife up our hearts a- bove fin, and earthly things, but alfo all fuch humane Ordinances, though teeming never fo much topromote piety. True Godlinefsand participation of fpiritual life from Chrilt, carrieth a man notonely above lufts,and the world,but allhumane inftitutions that teem fo admirably holy to fiefhand blood. Indeed there ought to be a lober, moderateufe of allbodilycomforts: Therefore the Apoftie faith, lie kept under his body, an emphatical word , t Cor. 9.27. yea, thewhole Context is an expreffionfrom thefeWreftlers, or Fightersthat were known in antiquity : pow theadverfary that Paulfought with, was hisbody, that hindered him in his courte toheaven : Therefore hefaith, he did onnd;nv,heat hisface blaekandblew, !d'ì Tàs tinos .7rAbo vix,vn,and elso,v7,4eyv7v,Trytemple over his body,and makeit aflave.íf you ask, how hedid this? heexprefleth it in that general rule , Every man that flriverhfor the maftery, is temperate in allthings : There ought to be in every one a temperate, fober ufe ofclothes, food,delight: becaufe our bodies are fo many ad- verfaries to hinder as inour raceto heaven. Auferte ignem,adhuc cairn paleas habeo, laid a languifhingfick man ofan alluring objed ftanding byhim, Take away that fire,for .1 haveßraw, or chaff that Will kindle quickly. And certainly this Doctrine ismuch tobepreffed upon you thatare Citizens, wholive in much cafeand plenty, & go richlyclothed:are you fof rift and rigid as you fhould be,in making your body infrumental