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S. a c T. II 'L Fol/e Signs of-Grace. 15 3 iteffrumental to ferve God ? The firing of the Infirument, ifit be wet andcot 'dry- ed , is not fit to make any melodious tune ; no more is the bodyovermuch repleni- flied with any pleafure. We fee Timothy going roo far in the bodily difcipline ; Therefore Tool advifeth him Todrinkalittle winefor his pretext infirmities. fobn ßaptifi, healfo came inan auflere way, his garments beds, of Camels hair, and hie food locafis : This way ofhis was different from Chrilts : nor is ?An Bapti/i an' example to us; but his deportment was peculiar , asbeing molt finable to him that was putting a period to the old Tetlament- difpenfations. Thereforeall thofe affe&édAufferitiesof amp:0ara, eating ofbearbs, and other dry things, asalto Hamictebaticw, or lyings on the ground in rough Pack-cloth; thougheheexcercifers therein did no doubt much pleafe themfelves , and thought hereby to endearGod to them : yet all this is but a vain refuge:The Apotile deter- mineth,a Tim. 4.8. Bodily exereifeprofitetblittle, btugodlinefsis profitable to alt things: He makesa diffin&ion between bodily exercife, and godlinefs therefore. one ìs not theother : Do not then meafure thy hopes and affuritnces' of heaven though very fpecious to a carnaleye, by fuchoutward ftridobfervanceé. Thirdly, Anextraordinary ffri&nets which maketh men confident , fs a volun- tary 4bdicationond ginal dilfia fugoarfelvesafalloutwardcòmforts,-andapply- ingonrfelves only to religiota exerci ¡s. How did this miffake feduce thoui nds of devout fouls,whoWere zealousfor God,butwanted knowlege? Hencecamechafe Monafferies, renouncing ofriches, wealth, and yvltattoevercomfort was in this 'life: Asif Chore places, Vnlefs awn; forfakg. all, anddeny himfelf, taking up the croft andfollowme, &c. did commandan a&ual abdicationofall,and not rather an habitual preparation ofheart to leave them all when God Ihallcall for them. And ifwe read ofPhilofophers that have thrown all their wealth away,that they m!ghc the better tfudyPhilofophy, is it any wonder ifsfalfe zeal carry fame to part with all, that accdrding to their thoughts,they might the more expeditely corne to the racesend? It is true indeed, the Scripture commands hid firi lncfs inour affe- &ions and defires to all worldly comforts , That theft that have themmull be as if they had tli:mnot : And who is therethat can band under thofe exa& commands of God herein ? yet we may erre on theright hand , as well as on the left. .Such were thofeEucheta, that gave chemfelvesonly topray: And the Donarifis up- braiding the Orthodox with their impiety, and commending their own godlinefs, Nos formidamosdivitias, We (fay they) areafraid ofriches. Fifthly , Men may"judgetheir Spiritual conditions the better, Becoafe ofab ex- traordinaryiriJnefain ChurchDsfèipline, ated-Charch.Diffenfarions, when y'et there is noground at all for it : That there may be overmuch rigor in Difcipline, appcareth plainly, 2 Cor. a.7. where the Apoilleblameth theta , `Ilatthey did not receive intofavor that inceduataperfox, who bad traely repented : And the Apo- filedoch inpart fuppofe itis part of Satans fubtile devices, whenhecannot detiroy áChurch byprophanenefs, and diffolutenels, to overthrow it by toomuch feven- ty. Now how manywaies there may be an exeefs in rigid Churchwales, we have upon another occafon (hewed : As when men hold only perfe&men; or if not fo,only truèly godly men tobeadmitted intoChurch-fellow [hip ; and tnen,thèugh qualified with tufficient knowledge, and free from Scandal, to be debarred many privdedges : As alto when they think men committing Iuchand flick fins, were ne- ver tobe received again; whichwas the-error ofNovarians and Dònatifi: or if they did admit inch repenting,yetnot for manyyears,inwhich excels the primitive Churchdid Ball. Nowall theft Do&rinesand Practices, having a fpeéious pretence ofmoreflriane(s, andexaf nefs then others , is a temptation tomapy, that they build themfelvesupon theft waiesandmanners, not at all attending to the power and life of Godlinefs ;this is ateafonable Doetrineat this cime. Oh,puffnot up thy felf : donot conclude great thingsfor EbyPelf, meetly becaufe thou judgeathy (elf ina more ári&Do&rinal,or Church way then others. Alas thefe external waits profit little, but god¡imp profitethto all parpofes. Many times high principlsa, have X but