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S4 Fall! Sighs ofGrace. S r c T. III. but low prafiices,and ftriaopinions, fometimes large cpnverfations. Naw the ground why thefe imitated, and introduçed (l riftnefles , are ON t0 be relied upon, is becaufe they are not what they feetn to be, We cal¡ them high çbingst bat they arc indeed low things ; we call themarid things, buy they sty indeed large and loofe things. For take this Pharifaical tttofl exalt and (mightWay; alas,thetr hearts were largeand loofeenough ; fo that all fitifipeife, which is not commandedby Scripture, comesfrom a loofeprinciple, and tends to a 190[0 epd: file it proceeds from a carnal heart,not acgçtiefeigginGnds word of a rule; it is nor lubjéfi t Scripture dire&ions, and then the end is carnal; for it isalwaiesfor fame fril+ad- vantage, though it be in afuhrile and crafty way, ASy9iyfec th? Phati(res fiiclnç was,a'essvds astúaytobe feenafinen: (liquid thty Pot haveappllaute,and ptnbt, and Difciples toadmire them,they would neverhave engaged es fieb asixcto ways. Vfea. Is there inchedatradedcriprur4ritfvafíawit4eeapLThichhow; cannot be obtained; Then fee what a gulfthere is betweenheaven and you, who live, in all loofenefle, negligence, and carcle fecontempt of what is good. is thy lie thou (weft (o difficult, focontrary to (141 and blood? is to be drunk, to eeulen, tohe unclean, like pullingout of the right eye? Than came not have bread for thy mouth without theMeat of thybrows, and ibinkeft thoon to have th s prise with- out earneti running in the race ? Draft thou thinkGodWill provide Saivar ontOt thee, as hedid a wife for Adam, by calling thee in a deadUp, án(l thou know rom . thing, nor difectonothing of it ? But efpeciálly duyou ttetnble, vvho. (V .A. re- proach, yea, perfecute and oppofe nun for ilriftnefs in religious waies t Thin arpn eth a legionof Divels in theet thoucana not abide the imageofGad=thou entail net indure to fee theradical power of it. The fire ofGods. wrathwhit be heated ft -- ven times hotter for fuchoppofers as thou art. Vfe a. Ofadmonition, to examine and judge wifely ofallffriïlreftearatntaededto thee: For the Divel may feduce thee in thy zeal, as well as in thy yrophaneneffe and donot perfwade thy felfofGrace, becau(e of a more aridopinion,or Church- praftice thou coneelve(t thy (elf to be in:For this is not the Scriptureftrfftuege irr which the effence ofgodlìnetie confifts ; forthat lyerh in the inmaxd, cireumcija_ onof theheart, in the powerful mortificationof theaffeétions, in walking haernbly, . in living byfaith, andheavenly- min dedneIle. Oh , it is eafierto be of the fètidta. Churchway in the world, then to praftif- thrill Graces. Oh, what a reproach is ir, to pretend afingular way, andnot tohave afingularheut , and a (ingular con- reflation? but aremen in the broad way, proudcovetous, earthly, wanton? fo am thou in thyaridway; what a contradiftion is this ? .ab.Afr.. t t. g.292Et292g2 4-4.-dt., 4,4-4 Ettsavsvg2v2Lq SERMON