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IFa Fal(eSir nsOf Grace. ward change or renovationoftheheart, as Paulfpeakethofhimfelf, that he knew not inwardTufts cobe fins. Odf, That externamora§ obedience unto the Law of Cyo Ç:hotegh it be muchrayedup. Externall obe- on by men ; yet it is no Are evidencefor heaven. dience unto To open this confider theftparticulars. the law of Fidt, That b y external! obedience wemean an innocency or freedom from al! grofe God is no Cure evidence for vices. No drunkard, no whoremonger, no prodigal!, &c. Forthe Pharifeesmade Heaven. clean theoutfide, howfoever inwardly their hearts were dens of theevdh lulls c What is mean', Now although this innocency beno fymptome ofgrace ; yet howmany fuch by éall, force and filthy weeds grow in Chrittsgarden 1 how many fuchbeatily (wine are n. A freedom ín Chrilts theepfold, finsthat (hould not be named among Chriftians, are yet pro- from all grolle Eli(ed and boaftedof among them. What comfort and hopes canft thou have in fins, thyconfcience, who carrieft about with thee filch evident plague.tokens of Gods wrath ? What do fuch Crows,amongQuills Doves ? What do fuch Brambles a- monghis pleafant plants ? DepartyeWorbersof iniquity from Chriftianaflemblies forthefe know you not t Godcalled you not to uncleannefl'ebut unto holineffe. Oh that thefe (pots and reproaches of Chriftianity were once purged away fromus. z. An enter- Secondly , By - this moral/ obedience We meats a fair externag conformity oat conformi- both unto the duties of the frfe and fecond Table : fo that they have the out- ty to thedu- ward lineaments both of P y and rí hteoufncfle. For thus the Pharifees ties of the frff g and iecond they were careful! about the external!- worfhip of God, how zealous about Table. the Sabbath, charging thepollution thereof uponChrift 1 and as for moral' du_ ties among men, had they not excelled therein, they could not have enjoyed fuch admiration and applaufe of men. iIt is true, our Saviour made them the worst of men, pulling off their vizards and difcovering their prideand cove- tons endsin all they did : but though they were inwardly ravening wolves, yet out- wardly they feemed innocent 'beep. Hence ourSaviour called them hypocrites fe- verall times together; If therefore you have a man that is careful! in duties to man, faithful! inhis word, juft in his dealings, but negleltive of Gods worfhip, a prophane defpifer of the Sabbath ; this man isnot to be accounted fo much as a morali righteous man, Again, ifyou fee a manarid about the wor(hip of God, in keepingof theSabbath, in writing and repeatingof Sermons,yet uajuil and deceitful! in his doings, this man rifeth not fohigh as this Pharifaicall righteouf- nefle. That which mull beexceeded is an nniverfall, generali conformity unto all the Commandementsof God. ;. Wherein Therefore thirdly, That wherein this moral! obedience to all the Commandments this obedience ofgodos deftlliveio, ois, thati: ii a body withoutafoul, a (hell Without a kernell, is defeéti:c. a pidurewithout life, there is nothing but an outward shape of rigltteoufaeffe; as for a principle of regeneration,andanew within, chards wholly atfeut. Now this was the fundamental! mifcarriage of the Phari(ees, as appcáreth by Nicodemas, they were wholly ignorant of originali corruption. They beleeved not that all was carnali and defiled within them, and thereupon law no necefiiry of being born again, of having a new nature infufed into us, and fo become new creatures. And this is the rock upon which thoufands fplit their immortal! fouls (till. They pleafe themfelves thus, I live floridity, I do juftly to every one, I frequent the Church, and receive the Ordinances of God, what further thing is there to be done? I thank Godno mancan accu(eme, nor dothmy confcience accufe me. But in the mean while, are miferable (educed men, and are at that very time, in the Rateof gall and wormwood ; Paul though hewalked with agoodconfcìence, and concerning the righteoufueffe of the Law unblameable: yet when God inlightned hisfoul, what a heavy doomdid he paffe upon him-(elf, and called all that dung, whichhe judged gold once ! Therefore herein is the dangerof sneer moral! obe- dience, that it is like a glorioushonk without any foundation, a fair appléwith a rotten kore, a comely beautiful! face with impoftumed vitals. q Thit