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a cr. I I I. Falli Signs ufGrace. i61 4; This meraQobedient man thoughhecornet fofarJeart ofheaven, yet is theworlds 4 . Sucha man Sáint and admired bythem : for hehaving only the lineaments and formof god- wo1ásshnc, linefte, without thepower and activity of it, hence it is that he is the more be- and why lovedof theworld ; Whereas if he had the vigorous life of grace, and were zea- lousfor the glory of God, and activeto pull down the kingdomof fin and Satan, then all the rage and hatred of the world wouldbe derived on him. Look upon Chrift and his converfation, there was more righteoufnefle, holineffe, patience, meekneffe, and alllovelineffe in him, then in the firidefi Pharifee : Yet the peo- plegenerally preferred a Pharifec before him, becaufe the one had but the picture of godiineffe, and theother the lively espreffron of it, which is veryoffenflve and croublef'ome co a carnal)heart. Hence the world faith, give me an honest, quiet, peaceableman, that croublethus not for our drunkenneffe, wickedneffe, and de- bauched courfes; but as for chete ttrid, precife, zealous men, what have we todo with them? N. Althoughexternalobedience andoutwardatlions ofpietyare not tobe rifled ç.Yecezceé en,yet this externalobedience is necef riry, nil obedience Firti, Bccaufe outward action are a complement and a perfection of the in- is neceifary wardhabits of grace ; Godpathput all the internal habits of grace in the heart, I. that they might produce external) operations in our lives, and when they do fo, they attain their ultimate perfe&ion. viri flotte placed happineffe in the aftions of the foul, not is habits and faculties, becaufe they are not most excellent r It is not therefore enough for a man to pleafe himfelf with contemplative good af- fedions, but he is alto to demonftrate his grace in the powerful( operations thereof. Secondly, Outward altsofobedience are neceffary becaufe the commands of as God do efpecially oblige to thefe. Thus thou shalt love the Lord thy God, and this is his commandment tobeleeve on him : Howfoever therefore that aftions are not fufficient, unlefle they flow from fupernaturall principles within, and an inward relbtudeof the frame of theheart ; yet the commands of God do binde tothete, as thofe whereby God is weft glorified, it beingnot the havingof a thing fomuch as the excretingof it, which makes us acceptable to him that imployetb us therein. Thirdly, Outward ads of obedience areneceffary, becaufe thefe do corrobo- 3. rate and ftrengthen grace within. The frequent exercife of outward duties do greatly confirmthe inward principleof grace. Evenas it is in (snne, the outward ailingand dailycommittingof finne cloth encreafe and inhance the poweroffinne within. Hence tins we havebeen longpradifed in, become like an oldOak, that is hardly removed out of its place : Such devils as posfeffe us from the youth up, are not raft out without praier and falling. Thus it is alto in the works of grace, and outward obedience, the morediligent and frequentwe arein them, the more doch our inward mangrow firongerand fironger. 4. They are neceffary in refpect of others, Letyour lightfa Aimbefore men,that 4e they mayglorife yaarFather Which is in heaven: We ought byour outwardcon- verfation to drawon others togodline(ie, and to givegoodexamples inour exter- nals, that menmay not learn from thee tocurte, drink, (toff at godlineffe, but topray and fear Gods Name. Thus you fee, that howfoever outward obedience be not foundation sureenough to build thy hopes of heaven upon, yet it isne. ceffary in its kinde, and therefore the want of this doth difcover two kindeof hy- pocrites. a. 'tilde that arecalled Nicodemitet, who think it enough to keep their heart for God, although they pollute their bodies with any corrupt worship. There have been tome who have much pleaded for this, and it'svery pleafing to flefh and blond, for hereby we fhall alwaies fave our (elves, and martyrdome will be a foolifh and unlawful) prodigality of a mans life : but thatplace Both whollycut the finews of fuckanopiniaii, With theheart webelieve, and with the month 0171 Rom. to Y a fron