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THE CONTENTS. SECT. VIII. t$teatethof tlle flature of coitÚErting Q52ace, unDer tin potion of t»albtngq t"ancttfptng. SERMON LIX. I Cor.6. I I. Andfucb werefume ofyou, but ye are wa/hed, butye orc.0 fanü'ifled, but yeare jaftifiedin the Name oftheLord7efua Chrifl,andby the Spirit of our God. To undeceivemen,thát think, though they live wickedly, yet they íhall die happily: And how it comes co paffe that men are to prone todeceive themfelves. SERMON LX. That Gods grace ofconverfion is fometimes vouchfàfed to the worftof men. SERMON LXI. Of the Wafhing and Cleanfing ofa finner. SERMON LXII. Of the Grace ofGod fanlifyinga linnet: SERMON LXIII. Signsand Characters of fandified ones: SERMON LXIV. The Counterfeit of Sanâificatión, That devotion in fupertitious cuftomes,or Gods own Ordinances,or inbeing externally in Co, venant with God, do not reallyfan%ifiea man. SERMON LXV. Comfortable Dire&ions to poor doubting Chriflians: si SECT. IX. f Ae000gb of Cógace unbet tie jaotíon of Conberfton of Caning unto 45oD. SERMON LXVI. Ezek.33. IS. Say tïntethem, A, Idivefaith the LetrgGed, Ihive tto plea