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THE CONTENTS. Pure in the death ofthe wicked, but that the wickedturn fromhis way ,rodlive : wherefore turn ye, turn yefrom your evil ways; For why will ye dye, o haufe ofIfrael. Shewing, that the damnationof wicked men , is unpleafing toGod, andthat which he delights not in. SERMON LXVII. Divers Propofitionsor Confiderations introduCfory to theDoarine of Converfion. SERMON LXVIII. The impediments and obftruCtion of Converfion and what kinde of perfons are moil unlikly ever to be converted ; not to drive them todefpair, but toawaken them out of their fecuriry. SERMON LXIX, Themotives and grounds of our turning unto God: SERMON LXX. Anfwering fome prejudices and cavils of ungodly menagaicff con- verfion or turning unto God. SERMON LXXI. That ungodly Friends and Relationsare great hindrances ofones Converfion: With fome helps or directions to thofe that are thereby kept in their fins. SERMON LX XII. Sonic Helps andEncouragementsto thofe that are difcouraged, be- caufeof the fruitlefnefs of their Refolutions to repent, or the hainoufnefsof their fins. SERMON LXXIII. Jet. 1S.1 a. Thus faith the Lord, Behold Iframe evil againfi you, and devil' device againfl you : Returnye now every onefrom his evil way, andmake your ways andyour doings good. Of Gods framing and deviling evil of Calamities, that men might turn from their evil doings : Alfo, what Godsframing and de- vifing evil implies ; and why judgements andafflictions, which are the good effeCfs of Gods Juftice, Wifdom and Power, are calledevil. SERMON LXXIV. OfAfflictions, the difference between penal del1tudive calami- tis