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272 Faófe Signs of SECT. III. are their alts of faith, to know, to affent to Gods truths ; yet there are fuch fur- ther noble a&s, asthat thefe deferve not the nameof faithcomparatively, fuchare, to purifie the heart, to junifie, to fanftifie,to keep from allfin,and to bring C hrift to dwell in ourhearts. Fourthly, It udefeálive in its Concomitants ; ThisHifloricall faith is notnecef- farily conjoyned withother graces, whereas a true and lively faith can no more be feparated from other graces, then light and heat cm be divided in the Sunbeams, for true faith is that branch which Packs ofthe Olive fatneffe, it unitethus as mem- bersto Chrift, and when we arefo, it's impolfibiebutthatpower and life (hould be communicated to us ; Hence all thofe eminent altsof holineffe fpoken of bleb. t t. aregiven to faith, and Çed y. faith isfaid to workby love; but Simon cí2a- qua hadHiforicall faith, and it was alone, there were no graces to accompany it. Hence we dillinguifhbetween faithalone in the fubjelt, and faith alone in thea h of Jollification. The hand alone receiveth that which is offered to ir, but the hand could not do this if it were alone,feparated from other parts. Hence it is that Believers and Saints are ufed promifcuoufly one for another, becaufe true live- ly B_licvers can no more bewithout holine(le, then theSun dark, or the fire cold Yet for all Ch's, Thishiftoricall faith is a true faith, and it's the gift of God, even asother commongifts of GodsSpirit arc t As copper is a true mettall though it benot gold. .By this Means it corneal about that a lively faith is proper to the Eleaonly. Hence it's called the faith of the i lea j and as many beleeved its were ordained to eternal! life. Oh thereforeconfider your lelves, you who boaft of your faith, you who glory in this, that you changenot your faith as others do, make diligent ¡earth whether it be not a Simon Maguahis faith that leaveth thee fill in A fate f gall and bitterneffe, I am (thoufailt) for the doCtrineof the Church-of England, and art thou alto for the life required inGods Word ? Fifthly, The deficiency of it isfeen comparatively, with other graces; If a man S' make a boaft of fach a grace in his heart, arid demontìrate no real) effeels thereof, is is not hypocrifie and delufiosa ?.The Apoftle maketh a parallel! in cha- rity, which gives good words,fair promifes, but exhibits no reali comfort : Even fach a titular beleever is a man that aflenteth to the true doltrine of Chrift, but neg'edcch real godlineffe: faith is called the acknowledging of thetruth after god- linelle; when a mansheart comes tobe heated with burning love, as well as in- lightned with Mining light, :this is of fore confequence. All the graces of God have their real! affefts, theyare not barely notional!, but as fire doth really burn, gaIrdochreally imbitter, fo dothgrace produce its fenfible, andpowerful'effeâs, Shewme thy faith by thy Works, faith the Apoflle : Shew thou beleeveft there is a God by fearingof him, by obeying of him: Shew thoubeleeveft a day of judge- ment by preparing to give. an account at that time. All grace is for operati- on as its perfcition, therefore the commandsof God arefor the sits, notthe ha- bits, and we:may as well carry fire in our bofomes, andnot feel it burnus, as carry true lively faith, and it not cleanfe our life. 6. Hi/dóricall faith ifnotgrowing into a w ki ing,lively way, is bit a nde of hypo- crifeand mocking ofGod ; for to profeffe that we beleeve him tobe omnifcient, omnipotent, that all thofe terrible threacnings belong to us, and yet we live in thole finnes that willbring thofe judgements ; what is thisbut to delude God as much as lyeth in us?But be not deceived, God is not mocked : nay wedelude, and mock our own fouls; for fo faith Yames, Ifany masfaro to be religiosea,and bri- dles not his tongue, hecloth arrce°oyí e.8a,, deceivehis ownfoul puta fallacy upon himfelf, heargueth a non canf,i,pro coifs. He thinksthis outward profeffion, this folemn, external acknowledgement is enough, and a good caufe of comfort : Whereas it is noneat all : God complains of this of old, that men drawnigh to him with their lips, but theirhearts are fat from him. Confiderthis, you who are apt to judge thepeople of God that endeavour faithfully to fecure him, though fubjeft to many infirmities, hypocrites and deceitfull perfons ; know youare the groffeft