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Fälfe Signs ofGrace. 173 groffeft and molt notorious hypocrites that ever were ; Youprofeffe youbeleeve inGod, you love him ; you proclaim to theworld that you think there tsan hell and heaven, but is not thy life a flaccontradidtion of all this ? only toil! this which bathbeen %aid, wend/ adde this caution, that while we make hinloricaII faith thìis feparated from a godly life, pollible in many men, and that it is in effet a dead faith, becaufe it's not available for thole neceffìry.grivfledges of jallification and falvation : yet we lay not anyground for that popith dillinetionofa faith infar,. and (armaut: an informed faith theycall a belief of the truthsof religion, without any love to them, Or of God: a formed faith tfity call that which is inabled bt love, and animated by that todo that which is holy. Thus they,make faithof it felt a Meer fpeculative apprehenfion, which into bemoulded into Obedience only by love. But this is talk,for it's true and lively faith that putsus upon, loving and doing all for God, therefore called faith that works by love, and l bd..toedrbore- fire I .fake, Thus Heb.r i. ByfaithNoah, Abraham, and ali thole eminent Saints dtd thofegloriolee aSt of holiael'fe. Therefore faith is rather a .form affrilant of love and other graces, then they of it: Hilhoricall faith when it's formed into obedi- ence, is (hereunto inabled not by love busby ¡unifying faith. Lifeof inftrudtion concerning theneceffity of difcövering this falte fign, There t fe is nothingmorecommon then tobuild all our hopes upon this, that we are for the truth. That as the Jews boalled, the law was given tothem, and not toOther Na. pions.: and therefore thought, though they lived in all wickednelf , that would toe them'; thusdóChrifians about Chrillianity a Oh,they beleeve as well as any ; They will liveand die good Proteftauts, not attending to what iniquity may bd Peen in their lives: but what are thy oaths, thy lints, thy oppofings of godlineffe ? are theftfigns ofa good protellant allo? There wasone Esenamites a wretchedhe- retie= in the Church, andhe taught, that whofoever would be of his feet, a dif. cipleuntohim, his very faithwould beenough to fave, though he fhould commit themoll flagitious crimes that ever were ; and donot we thus about the true reli- gion ? The Antinonrian hemakes that a dead and dangerous faith, when we doe not beleeve that God Teeth no fnne in us, end that weare as perfeetly righteous as Chrift, and therefore chargeth all the godly Miniftery and people of ngland with nomore thena dead faith : but we fee that isa dead faith in Scripture fenfe, which doth net finable to all mortification, and godlinelfe: Therefore the Antino mian faith is a dead faith in theApofiles argument: Well then, let none run to this altar, Hein a goodProteflant, if ungodly in life, for it will fall out tohim as to Joab, though at the horns of the Altar, he will be draggedaway, and adjudged to eternall death. Many complain theCreed is banifhedout of the Church, and theyconfider not they have long agone banifhedit out of their lives; for what doth not thyprophanefie, thy impiety, fay there isno God, there isno refurredti- on, there is no day ofjudgement? How came beleeve ((aid Chrift) whenyrfeel theglory of oneanother; Alas that feemeth a fmall matter, how can yebeleeve, when youoppofe and fcoffat godlineffe, prophane GodsSabbaths, negle&all Fa- intlyduties? Confider youarenot only calledoutof Popery to have a better reli- gion,but out of theworld to live better lives: 5 Saitaiotd