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TAIE CONTENTS. And the Reafonswhy force think a certainaffurance impollible; with Anfwers to the ObjeCtions broughtagainft it. ' Sax sow CXVIII. Theadvantages the godlyhave byaffurance : How itmay be known from prefut ptron; with direttionsto the godly that wantit. SIRSON CXIX. Acts a.:y. For the premife is untoyou, and to year children, and to all that are afar off, even as many ac the Lord our God (hall call. Sheweth inhow many refpeâ:lwicked men ( before theireffeEtual Calling) are afar off from;God, andconfequentlymiferable. Ssxhot( CXX. That hot all mankinde are called with a Paving call; How abfurd it is to hold, That the works of God, the Sun, MoonandStars, &c. may fo call men : And Gods Juftice cleared in that point, flirting up all to behold the fevericy and goodnefs of the Lord.