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THE CONTENTS. SS RMom CVIIL Mae.az. r4. For many are called, but feware chofen: TheGofpel feaft, and who are welcomeGueft, and who nor. SERMON CIX. Thatmoft of thofethat are called, come thort of what is abfolutely neceflary . And whothey be. SERMON C X. Aplea for ftricknefs inReligion. SsaMON CXI. Of }ElectionandReprobation, and of the fewnefs and propertiesof thofe that are chofen, anfwering, the Objections of men, and clearing theJuftice of God. Sa amble CXII. More figns and effects of Election, with directions to thofe that are overwhelmed with thoughts and fearswhether theyare etcced or no. SE15.1161; CXIII. Ephef.4.1. I therefore the Prifoner of the Lord, befiech you, thole walk worthy of the vocation wherewithyeare called. Of Cluiftians walking worthyof their calling, what to walkWor- thy implyes 5 andwhat are the properties and actions that will become and grace our holy calling. SERMON CXIV. Of the nature, extentand example of that holinefs towhich God callsaman. SERMOON CXV. Of the glorious effaceofthe Saints in heaven to which God calls all (inners repenting and believing. SE R MON CXVI. Pet.z.io. Wherefore the rather (Brethren) give all diligence tomakeyoui callingandelebtionfure. The Nature, Poffrbility, Duty and Means of the Affuranceof ones effectual calling. SERMON cxvri. The pofúbilityand dutyof Affuranceof our calling demonffrated ___ And