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TheDdtirrine,Duty andu ßofAO'arance. S a o T. I. were theBibles counterpane. TheScripture is the original, and his heart is the c_py ofit, he can readover thePromifes, the Threätntngs, and can fay, Pro. barum 'Davidinhis Pfalms, Pall in his Epiftles, fpeak that mans heart; feel that mans temptations, make thatmans objections. Henceyouhave an ex- cellent exprefiion, john 3.33. He that receiveth hit to imony, fettethto his fed, t at Gód io tray. The Scripture fpeaketh of Gods faling tous, and our Pealing to him. In this place it is a Metaphor from their civil contracts which were con- firmed and folemnly declared tobe good by feats, per.3 2.10. Sohe that cloth in- deed receive the teftimony ofthe Scripture, he cloth folemnly declare by his life and converfation, that God is true ; Therefore all thofewho in the general fay, they believe, yet flaewnot a praftical converfation accordingly, they let not their teal thatGod is true. I I I. Thirdly, Where this is, itwill powerfully dead the heart to all humane ex- cellencies ; That as inman thePhilofophers fay, thevegetative and fenfitive life is(wallowed up in therational ; fo in a Chriftian his natural andanimal life is in great meafureturnedto his,fupernatural life. In the thorny ground there did thecorn and thornscomeuptogether, butwhere the lifeofgrace is in the pia- ftical exercife of it, all Poch fuckers willbe cut off. It is not head-notions, but I heart-feelings that will exclude immoderacy of affections .to other things A manthat a long while tailed of thewine of brain-knowledge when he comes to tafle offhis experimental knowledge,he will fay Thenew is bell-. Hence Gal. 2.20. Pauldenieth he liveth, bat Chrift liveth in him. Omni, vita eft propter de.. letiationem, All life is for delight. Till therefore thoucaniltake delight and ex perimentalfweetnefsin holy things, th tongue indeed.may be often about good things, but tt-Fi àrtcan newbe in rTiem. Loveof theworld may Rand with theformerkndeof knowledge, but not with, the later. Arijiorle obferà veth, that dogs cannot hunt where the fent of fweet flowers is, becaufe that i- verteth the finell ; fo neither canwerune after Chrift in the fweetnefs of his ointments, whenthe finellofworldly delights and earthly refrefhments do in- terpole. t irdAgigegHgSzteti91ZAtD g ?1fúM864s :iii g i li SERMON II. Holding forthmoreadvantages to e/lranceo, iCox. a3.5. Examine your feletes, prove your 'elves, &c. THere remain more advantages, which will accrew toa Christian, that be- fides a general notion-knowledge bath apraétical and experimental difco- very ofgrace in his heart. I. ad, He Willen)oy thefweetnefsandbenefit ofthe Ordinances,which menof parts The knowing an giftsonly do not. Howmany are therewho in our Church-adminiftrations experienced are likeold Baraillai that had loft his talle and hearing, and fo cared not for Chriltian on- David,feafls and mufrck? David, Pfa.r9. preferreth Gods Word in freeerneffe 1y enjoys the above thehoney and honey-comb , Pfal.84. is fpent in admiring the lovelinefs and fheexneCsof beautyof Gods Ordinances: Now alas a man without. the experimental qoak the Oxdiaan- ) ne ee% workOf grace upon his foul, cannomore beaffefted with thefe, then a blinde man with colours, Cant. t.4. Becarfe of thy ointment poured forth, therefore the i virgins