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The bacTrineànd2lfefrsdneßof Signs. mends : Thisis thatwhereby we are judified; this is that whereby we let up Chrift, and giveglory untoGod. Novi' it many times fats out, that while a godly man is poring and digging intohis own heart to finde grace there, he for- gets to exercifeapplicative as ofFaith, fo as thereby to ride with Chrift. Alas, though the fight ofthy graces becomfortable, yet that of Chrift ought to be much more. Thefe gracesare but the handmaids and fervants'that wait upon Chrift, they are but tokens from him, they arenot himfelf : Aman is not only to go out of his fins, but alfoout of his graces unto Chrilt. See Paul, Phil.3. howexcellently Bothhedebafe all his own graces CO be found in Chrift. Let not therefore thedelire after inherent righteoufneffemake thee forget imputed righ- teoufneffe; This is to takethe friend ofthe Bridegroom for 'the Bridegroom it Pelf; and for this end (without doubt) it is that the peopleof God are fo often in darkneffe and haveno light, fee no comfortable figs or token of Gods love unto them, that fo they may flay themfelves upon God. This erufting in God and in Chrift, when we feel nothing but guilt and deftruétion in our (elves, is thegreateft honour we can give God, and therefore though the living by figues be more comfortable to us yet the living by faith is greater honour to God. Hence it is that the lifeofa godly mantiscalled a life offaith,becaufe thoughGod maymanytimes encouragehimwith thofe fenfible evidences,yet hedoth morefre- quently call them to combate and conflift with fenfe &reafon.Donot thereforebe unacquainted withthis way of relyingon Chrift in themidft ofall darknefs, for . Godmany times will caufean eclipfeofthy fignsi thou fhaltmany times look into thy heart,and find no comfort at all,fee nothingbut barrennes,hypocrify,and every thing that may make thee tremble andbe aftonifhed at thy Pelf, and then the im- mediate dependingupon,andadheringunto a promife, will be thy onlyrefuge. 4. Wemifcarry about Signs,whenwe make themmore thenSigns, evengroundsand 4. caufesofone comfort and hope,thus making them inChriflsflead.The fear of this hath Or when wë mademany fo hot againft figns;but there things may wellbe compofed;comfort by é th figns &recumbency only uponChrift,&whenwego further to take pridein them, fans. en orputcarnal confidence in them,this is woful wrongingour fouls.lt is worthy our obfervation, whenPeter in the nameof theApoftles Mar. 8.24.had profeffed they had left all andfollowedChrifi,with fome kind ofpride and carnal confidence,there- upon asking,whatlhould they have ?ourSaviour tohumble them,and tokeep them low in theirowneies,fpeaks a Parable to infer this truth,That many Whicharefiri-i fba/I be la/I, andmany that are lafiJball be (tiff, which whether you expound in this fenf(as fomedo)many that werefir4,both inorder of time and zeal ofaffef ion to doGod fervice,yet wanting the truth of grace and inward humility;Shaf be laff, that is none at all in theKingdomof heaven, or ifyouexplain it (as others) Mn" ny that arefirff,that is,who have been exceeding forward andalive for God, and that with truthof grace,yetbeing puft up with pride,andtrotting in themfelves,as theApoltles at thatprefent were;Sha/l be laft,that is,thallhave leffegloryand ho- nour inheaven.Whether(Ifay)of there Expofitions you take, they are both terri- ble,and fufficientto take us from pride and fecurity.when we difcover Gods gra- ces in us, the difcovery ofgrace in thee, is tomake thee walk morecomfortably and thankfully untoGod,not to caufe any tumors or fwellings inthyown fell. S. WhenWe try our(elves by Signs, weJball deceive our own felves, ifWe call not S. oat two curled corrupt principles out of us; theformer Is Self-love, and Self-flatte- And whenwe ry, Whereby We perfwade our (elves ofgrace, When there is no finch matter, Hence call scot away theScripture bidsus, CommuneWith our ionhearts, andfearch and try our Wales, felt-love and which fuppofeththat without diligentfcrutiny, we fhall alwayes be ((rangers to fell-Ilacretq. what is in ourown fouls. Thus many deceivetheir own fouls faying, They do repent, they dobelieve, they do loveGod with all their heart, when (alas) they knownot the power oftheft things upon their own fouls, thy heart is na- turally a liar, and thereforebelieve it not. Thus the Pbarifees did not know their own hearts, when theyprayed, failed and gave alms r Thus the Jews did I not