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58 The_MMaárineiindUfefulnej'of Signs. S a e T. I. not know their own hearts, when they triedThe Temple ofthe Lord, and aboun- ded inSacrifices. This knowing of our own hearts is a fupernatural leffon, taught only by the Spirit ofGod. Oh thisfelf-flattery, how doth it damn its thoufands, menmaking it no queftion, but theydo repent and love God, when yetChrifthathfaid, Manyare called, butfew arechalet:, that is, ofthofe many thatarecalled byGod to the enjoyment of Church-Ordinances and Priviledges, few have thofe true works ofgrace, which are proper to theeleftonly I O how thou ld this terrible fentencefpokenby C'hrifthimfelf, makethee queftion again and again, yea a thoufand times again, whether thou art called only , and no more, not chofen at all I for they are few. The other tinfoil principle to beejefted, is unbeliefandfufpitious jealoufie over ourfelves, not givingcredit to what we fee and feelin our own fouls, but argue and cavilagainfl it. For as while a man is in the (lateofunregeneration, he is al- waies in love with himfelf, and cannot bebrought to loath and diflike himfelf, asyou fee in Paul while unconverted ; fowhen theSpirit of God bath throughly humbled us, made us fee ourbeaftlineffe andfilth ineffe, then we run intoano- fher extream, not taking notice of, but even denying the work of God upon our hearts ; Theirhearts did once fo deceive them, that nowthey know not how to truft themany more. Hence the peopleofGod are fubjeft to no temptation fomuch as this, Whether theybè fincereand upright, they look onlyto theevil they finde in themfelves, not the good God bath wrought in them ; whereas it is their duty to take notice of all the good God bath vouchfafedto them : for how theft they be thankfull untoGod, and acknowledge him, if they be igno- rant herein? 6. Sixthly, When they do not take the fitfeafen, then theyalfo are in danger ofmifcar- Andwhenmen riage. Now then it is unfeafonable, when theyare full ofdark, and black tern- ,the not the fit ptations, for then are they ina miff, andnot able to fee things aright, while He- lotion to esa- .man is díftras ed with Gods terrors upon him, that dotheclipfe his judgement; mine them- Howoftendoth David in fad exigents think Godbath forfakenhim ? When the Ce;ves in.. looking-glaffe is broke infeveralpieces, it Both reprefent the faceofa man much deformed; The muddied water is notfit to givethe true fhape of the face, and thus it is here, the heart full oftemptations within , and follicited with Satans injections fromwithout, putteth the foul upon an amazement. The inceftuous perfon, though truly repentingof hisfin, yet takes nocomfort,but is even fwal- lowed up bySatan, Signs thereoffromwithin do not at fuch times affed, andno marvel when Gods figns without, the Sacraments that arefeals ofhis love, do not perfwade him. Seventhly, When they apprehend noSignfufficient, unleffe theyhave hadanallu- w' when perfeverance al p f cetotheend. Nowalthou h it be true, that the good ground dif- fig willfufître fend from thebad,in that it held outto theend,yet thatwas not the only,nor the till they have principal difference, but this perfeverance was an effe& flowing from thenature of an aftual pee- thegood foul.Although therefore aHÜl} ions and perfecutions do deteSt the falfe- fcveranceto nefs of many, as appeareth Meath. I ;. yet it Both not follow, that therefore theend. none canhave Affurance, but fuch who arecome to their journies end. The Ar- minionsindeed much preffe this, and therefore they hold, There u no abfolute andperemptoryEh-Ilion, but uponperfeverance infaith and obedience. Hence they joy n with thatof the Poet, Ante obhnm, No man is happybefore his death, be- caufe theymay decline and apoftatize fromwhat they had. It cannot be denied but the revolt anddegenerationofthofe who have feemed pillars in the Church ofGod, bathmuch affrighted the godly, making them alfo fear, as if one day or other, inone temptationor other they fhould fall away: but theyare to con- fider, Thatwherefoever grace is already truly wrought in a mans heart, there Godbath madea promife tokeep us till the end, fo that we may be allured of perfeverance as wellas of our prefent righteoufneffe, for Godwhobeginneth agood workin oet, willalto makeanend; and we have a gracious promifeofGods care to us