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S s c T. I. theDaElrine andi fefulneflofSigns. us in the Prophet lfaiah, That as hegave as being atf r: f andbore us in his armi, fo he willalfò carry us on to old-age itPelf; as Godsgrace bath planted; fo he will water it, and give encreafe' to it. 115.4644. Eighchly, When in thefearchingfar evidenceby Signs, ise do nei aboveallpray ro fI. And when in Codfar his Spirit, fo to enlighten our eyes, that inand through thefe Marks we may fearching for come to be perfwsded. For the Spirit ofGod is theefficient caufe of all this Cer- evidence, by runty ; Evenas 'it is in matter of Doftrine, though a man reade the Scripture &gns,we donot again and again, though hediligentlyperufe all Authors that arediligent in tori.. above all pray ringof Arguments for the truth, yet all thefe.donotmove him, 'till the Spirit of eo enl iutiusc God let it'home upon him ; So likewife about fin, though a man read the threat- nings over and over, though he know himfelf guiltyof thofe fins-the word of God condemned), yet all thisdoth not touch his heart, to make it bleed, till Gods Spirit doth convince him : After this manner it is inmatter ofevidence. Al- though chafegodly exercifesofgrace be plentiful) and copious in thee, yet shy heart isnocperfwadedo f this, till Gods Spirit eftablilh and confirm thy heart. Donot therefore think that bythe ftrengthof thy natural light, thou canft attain to t his certainty. Ninthly, When We thinkita duty not ro'ay holdon Chi 1 at all, till We have this 9. Certainty by Signs. Believersare very prone to think, that the fish work they -Or when we have todo, when calledCO God, is to fee whether they baye true qualifications nut dory not to lay hold in them ; and upon the L ertaintyaf this, then to apply Ctirift for Juftificatipn. on Chrit} tilt But this is not the Scripture,method, for that cals thehungry, the thirfty, the we have this loaded and burdened ; and where this need and defire of Chrift is; fsch are certainty by called to come untohim; Therefore certainly that we have truth ofgrace is not an Signs. antecedent to' ¡unifying faith, but afonfequent fruit of it. Hencethat received opinion, That faith is afducial orfirongperfwafion that my fins arepardoned, bath jutily caufed many doubts, for this is not ¡unifyingfaith, but a fruit ofit. Hence Ephef.3. we ire faidTohave boldnefeanplacceffeto him through faith. And when the Apo41e, Gal,z. faith, The life he lived's*by faith in Chrif¢, Whogavehimfelf forme, and lovedme; hewas notlnitifiedbythis believing, but this did rather fuppofe him ¡unified before, and united to Chrift by a precedent aftoffaith. Iftherefore a Chriftian fhould not come into Gods prefence, or lay hold on promife, till he have this Affuranciof his inward qualifications, he may be debarred all his life ; and the truth is, the foul in timeof ftraights, is like Either to go into theKings prefence though it perceive not the Scepter held out. We molt not be allured and then lay hold upon Chrift, but by laying hold onChrift we come to be allured : Chrift many times Both that for a godly man, which in anothercafe hefaid co Peter, Thou knowelf notyet What I do to thee, but that (Ault know. Laftly,' Wemifcarry about Signs, When We eempo/e not our feelves, and put Our TO. [elves ina diffsofedandpreparedway to-receive this evidence of Grace ; For we muff And lafrÍy, not expectthat God will affure us,, whether we will or no. We by ourunbelief when we coo,- -and peevifhneffe may refufe thofe good confolations the Spirit Both offer; So 1cle Tyour that although this fealing Gods Spirit be efficiently from him, as converfion Cdve :,c: dlfo is, yetwemay in the formeras well as in the later refift the Spirit of God : And it is a great fin to rebell againft Gods Spirit, whether convincing of fin and duty, orcomforting aâainft doubts and diltrnfts : yea this is a greater f[nne, fiat though theSpirit of God do convince, reprove, yet it bath a denomination from this operation efpecially, that it is a Spirit ofAdoption enabling usto call Abba Father : Therefore when we do peevilhly refufe theSpirits work herein, we do in a moft eminent manner oppofe itinthat wherein itsgreateft glory is. , I a SECT.